Sophia Jane Andrew1

#2656, b. 1864

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Birth1864Sophia Jane Andrew2
Marriage5 November 1913Sophia Jane Andrew

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Secondary circumstances

  • Married Name: Her married name was Stephens.
  • Married Name: Her married name was Stephen.
Some aspects of Sophia Jane Andrew's life. Sophie signed the Women's Sufferage Petition.3
Brushes with the LAW


J. E. H. Stephen applied for a divorce from his wife, Sophia Jane Stephen, Herbert Crain being named as co-respondent. Mr. F. Emanuel for appellant.

J. C. H. Stephens deposed : I am the petitioner in this case : on 5th Nov 1913 I was married, according to the rites of the C. of E., St. Paul's .Church, Adelong, by Rev. Eix, to Sophia Jane Andrew. Dr. Bond was one of the witnesses to the marriage ; in January, 1914, I left Adelong, and went to Jingillic to work as a coach driver for Palmer. I remained there until end of April, 1 915 ; my wife stayed in Adelong, and I never saw her during the intervening period; on 30th Jan., 1915, my wife gave birth to a child; I produce certified copy of registration certificate of birth — (his Honor remarked that such was not evidence, in that there was no proof of signing).

N. B. Mackenxie deposed : Produce agreement signed by Herbert Crain and Sophia J. Stephen, the execution of which was obtained by H. C. Aiken.

H. C- Aiken deposed : I know the parties in the matter ; I saw Mrs. Stephen sign agreement produced ; I know another signature, that of Herbert Crain, who gave me a guinea to get the agreement drawn up; payments stipulated are still being made.

0. A. Willans, C P. S., produced information received from C.P S at Adelong, signed by Sophia Jane Stephen, in presence of H. C. Ansen, ? J.P., on 9th Nov. (His Honor pointed out that the wrong form had been used by the Adelong C.P.S) , Mr. Aiken stated that Crain had enlisted from Emmaville, but resided in Adelong during the year 1914. His Honor decided in favor of the appellant. As the Judge retired from the bench he remarked that it was a small amount of business to come so far to transact.

Locus Operandi

Family of Sophia Jane Andrew and John Francis Hamilton Stephen


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