Thomas Chugg

#50132, b. 15 February 1781, d. 2 February 1832
  • Father: John Chugg b. 3 Aug 1740, d. 14 Aug 1824

Individual's Timeline

Christening15 February 1781Thomas Chugg
Death of Father14 August 1824John Chugg
Death2 February 1832Thomas Chugg1

Primary events

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Thomas is buried 1832 with John BOWDEN, who may be his father-in-law. John died 1819 aged 51. In 1826, in Marwood, a Thomas CHUGG married Hester BOWDEN. In 1828 a Thomas CHUGG aged 3 was buried in the same grave.

    Req for a photo of the gravestone has been sent.
  • Research note 02: Chugg      Thomas Marwood 1832      IRW C 488

    This IRW-AL index has been created from the listing at the Devon Record Office (Exeter) of their collection of copies of Devon wills (dated 1812-1857) which were held in London for estate duty ('death duty') purposes, and which survived through the second World War. From 1796 legacy, succession and estate duty were payable on many estates in England and Wales over a certain value. However, surviving copies of the wills which were subject to this duty date from 1812 to 1857. This is because it was only from 1812 that copy wills were made - before this, the Death Duty Registers include very brief abstracts of wills. Although the copy wills from 1812 to 1857 have largely been destroyed, those for Cornwall, Devon and Somerset (from the major local probate courts) were sent to the respective record offices, to fill some of the gap caused by the loss of locally held wills from those counties by enemy action. The collection in Devon Record Office is known as the Inland Revenue Wills Series or the Estate Duty Office Wills.

    To obtain information about the possibility of viewing the documents listed, photographing them or acquiring photocopies of them by post, you should contact the Devon Record Office directly.


  1. Parish register entries 1813-1837 printed index, by unknown, CHUGG THOMAS 50 1832 02 05 MARWOOD MARWOOD.
  2. Parish register entries 1813-1837 printed index, by unknown, printout of burials supplied by DFHS.