Keith Milner Chugg

#50642, b. 2 May 1921, d. 23 July 1990

Individual's Timeline

Birth2 May 1921Keith Milner Chugg
Death of Father10 November 1952Collin Milnor Chugg
Death23 July 1990Keith Milner Chugg1,2

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Keith was a bricklayer in 1954, and fire fighter by 1958.
Some aspects of Keith Milner Chugg's life. From the photo exhibit we know that Keith was part of Plover Force.

Having recognised the importance of these island chains for future offensive operations to regain control of the Philippines, General McArthur instructed General Sutherland to effect Operation “Plover”; the re-occupation and establishment of Dutch sovereignty of those island chains on the 27th June 1942.

Plover Force consisted of 3 officers and 75 men from Dutch Military units and a further 29 men and 1 Officer from Australian Military Units to be landed by three individual luggers, for three separate occupation forces for each provincial island center locations; Dobo, Saumlaki and Toeal.

At the time, RAAF reconnaissance flights were carried out a few days before, culminating in a bombing demonstration on the morning of the landings on the 12th and 13th July 1942, at Dobo and Saumlaki respectively, so as to intimidate the indigenous population from any form of resistance.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: 3 children - Robert Leslie Chugg; Peter Richard Chugg; Ian Rodney Chugg.

Family of Keith Milner Chugg and Joan (?)


  1. Max Chugg, "eMail from Max Chugg Tasmania," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, various.
  2. Max Chugg, "eMail from Max Chugg Tasmania," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, various, Keith was a member of "Z" Special Force, WW2. HIs date of death is confirmed by newsaper death reports including a notice from the United Firefighters Union (Victorian Branch).