Louis Fawkner Cato

#312, b. 30 November 1884, d. before 1967

Individual's Timeline

Birth30 November 1884Louis Fawkner Cato1
Deathbefore 1967Louis Fawkner Cato

Primary events

  • Birth: Louis Fawkner Cato was born on 30 November 1884 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.1
  • Death: Louis died before 1967, This is a guess, as his WW1 record states his MM was returned on 16th June 1967.

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Louis was an ironmonger's assistant.2
  • Description: At the age of 30 years, 8 months and 4 days Louis Fawkner Cato was described as 5 ft 10.75 inches; 11 st 7 lbs; Chest measurement 35/37 inches; of a fresh complexion; blue eyes and dark hair, with a vaccination mark on his left arm, a mole on his right shoulder and a scar on his right calf.2
  • Milit-mv1: Between 13 October 1915 and 16 November 1915 Louis Fawkner Cato was posted as a private, to in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, where he joined 21st Depot Battalion.3
  • Milit-mv1: Between 16 November 1915 and 2 December 1915 Louis Fawkner Cato was posted as a Private, to in Broadmeadows Army Camp, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where he joined 13th Reinforcements, 8th Battalion.2
  • Milit-mv1: 17 February 1916 Louis Fawkner Cato was posted as a Private, to in Serop??????, Egypt, where he joined 90 (something) 8th Battalion.4
  • Milit-mv1: March 1916 Louis Fawkner Cato was posted as a private, to in Alexandria, Egypt, where he joined ?MT BEF (hard to read).4
  • Milit-Woun: Louis was wounded on 29 July 1916 in France, 'in action', whilst with the 8th Battalion. He appears to have been looked after by 2nd Field Ambulance and was trnasferred to CCS?4
  • Milit-mv3: On 13 August 1916 he was transferred to in 6th Convalescent Camp, Etaples, France,still suffering from shell shock.4
  • Milit-mv2: Between 8 October 1916 and 11 October 1916 Louis was returned to in France, where he joined 58th Battlion AIF from 1st Australian Division Base depot.5
  • Milit-pro: 16 January 1917,whilst stationed at France, Louis Fawkner Cato was promoted to Lance Corporal.5
  • Milit-pro: 4 March 1917,whilst stationed at France, Louis Fawkner Cato was promoted to Corporal.5
  • Milit-Woun: Louis was wounded on 25 March 1917 in France, 'in the field.5'
  • milit-trnp: On 31 March 1917 Louis was put on in an Ambulance Train, Rouen, Normandy, France, for transfer to Harve, France.4
  • Milit-mv3: On 22 August 1917 he was transferred to in #2 Convalescent Depot, Weymouth, Dorset, England,still suffering from gun shot wound right leg.5
  • Milit-mv3: On 16 September 1917 he was transferred to in #4 Convalenscent Depot, Codford, Wiltshire, England.4
  • Milit-mv1: Between 16 October 1917 and 28 October 1917 Louis Fawkner Cato was posted as Corporal, to in France where he joined his old (58th) battalian. He spent some time with the Overseas Training Brigade, possibly in Southhampton or the Downs.5
  • Milit-pro: 24 August 1918 Louis Fawkner Cato was promoted to Lance/Sgt.5
  • Anecdote: A Hannah Grace WALLACE sent a letter to the Australian Army seeking the address of Louis.2
  • Residence: In 27 August 1919 Louis Fawkner lived in 6 Currajong Road, Auburn, Victoria, Australia.6
  • Note: Must have been on active service in WW2 as well, because his WW1 dossier shows that his 1939/45 War Medal was returned at the same time as his MM.

    L.F. Cato is listed on WW2 nominal roll as
    Name CATO, L F
    Service Australian Army
    Service Number T106A
    Date of Birth Unknown
    Place of Birth Unknown
    Date of Enlistment Unknown
    Locality on Enlistment NARRABEEN, NSW
    Place of Enlistment Unknown
    Next of Kin Unknown
    Date of Discharge 1 Dec 1942
    Rank Lieutenant
    Posting at Discharge 12/50 Battalion
    WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
    Prisoner of War No.5

Voter Enrolements


  • 1915, leaving Australia 3/8/1915, returning 15/5/1919.8
  • 1915, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, AIF6
  • 1915, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, England5
  • 1916, Marsielles, France, Marseilles, France4
  • 1916, Etaples, France, Gun shot wound buttock and mild shell shock5
  • 1917, Rouen, France, Gun shot wound, right leg4
  • 1917, Harve, France, England
  • 1917, Brighton, England, gun shot wound right leg.5
  • 1917, Dartford, England, gun shot wound right leg (slight?), but now suffering from Enteritis and trech fever too.4
  • 1918, France, Military Medal for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty near Harbonnieres east of Villers-Bretonneux on 9th August 1918. This NCO advanced with the RAP immediately behind the Coys and performed his duties under heavy shell and machine gun fire with a courage and coolness that was an example to all around him. When the RAP was relieved of duty by the Battalion Commander other Divisions having passed through the 5th Division, Corporal CATO continued to attend to their wounded, dressing and tending them until the area was cleared of wounded. His work has always been of a very high order.

    The recommendation was made by H. E. ELLIOTT Brig-Gen Commanding 15th Australian Infantry Brigade, and counter signed by J. TALBOT HOBBS, Major-General, Commanding 5th Australian Division.9
  • 1919, England, return to Australia5
  • 1919, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia10
  • 1921, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the British War Medal11
  • 1922, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the Victory Medal11

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: He had been rejected for military service some time prior to August 1915 due to 'teeth'..6
  • Research note 03: An Annie Wallace wrote to the army to obtain Louis' address. The army wrote back, telling her the address he gave the army on his discharge was 10 Hillside Crescent, Launceston, Tasmania..
  • Research note 04: On 12th June 1967 Louis' war medals were returned to OIC Central Army Records, Melbourne, with a hand written note on printed note paper. The note was signed by C R Hawker..
  • Research note 02: During his service in the army, Louis allocated the sum of three shillings per day to his father..


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