Henry Baxfield1

#14014, b. 14 June 1811, d. December 1863
  • Father: Thomas Baxfield2 b. b 1776
  • Mother: Eleanor Quinton2 b. 1772, d. 24 Aug 1820

Individual's Timeline

Birth13 June 1811Henry Baxfield2
Christening14 June 1811Henry Baxfield2
Death of Mother24 August 1820Eleanor Quinton
Marriage15 October 1828Henry Baxfield3
Marriage14 October 1837Henry Baxfield4
Marriage of Daughter6 January 1850Louisa Eleanor Baxfield5
Marriage of DaughterMarch 1857Priscilla Charlotte Baxfield6
Death28 September 1863Henry Baxfield7
Death RegDecember 1863Henry Baxfield

Primary events

  • Birth: Henry Baxfield was born on 13 June 1811 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.2
  • Christening: He was christened on 14 June 1811 in St Nicholas' Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. This christening may not be of the same man who married Priscilla.2
  • Death of Mother: His mother Eleanor Quinton died on 24 August 1820 in Great Yarmouth, England.
  • Marriage: Henry Baxfield married Priscilla Partridge, daughter of Mark Partridge and Charlotte Rudd, on Wednesday, 15 October 1828 in Gorleston, Norfolk, England, when they were 21 years, 4 months and 28 days ~&~ 17 years, 4 months and 1 day old. Refer to research notes - others are still researching, trying to confirm/deny the groom's identity.3
  • Marriage: Henry Baxfield married Mary Ann Offord, daughter of (?) Offord, on Saturday, 14 October 1837 in Great Yarmouth, England, when they were 30 years ~&~ 26 years and 4 months old. This means first marriage was annulled, or Henry was a bigamist. Both bride and groom signed the register. Whilst it is very strange that a man could be having conflicting events within the same parish church, I cannot find ANY OTHER Henry BAXFIELD who could be the 'other' man. Therefore - until proven differently, I am leaving this as a second marriage for Henry. One 'concrete proof' would be the following. We know that the Henry BAXFIELD who was a sailor doing boys time in 1822, and who left the Merchant service in 1854, could write. We have a copy of Henry's signature when he married in Yarmouth in 1837. We need to get a look at the marriage register when he married in Gorleston in 1828 to compare the writing.4
  • Marriage of Daughter: His child Louisa Eleanor Baxfield was married on 6 January 1850 in St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.5
  • Marriage of Daughter: His child Priscilla Charlotte Baxfield was married in March 1857 in Great Yarmouth, England.6
  • Death: Henry died on 28 September 1863 in Great Yarmouth, England, (Aged 52 years, 3 months and 14 days, worked back from recorded birth date).7
  • Burial: He was buried on 4 October 1863 in St Nicholas Churchyard, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.7
  • Death Reg: Henry's death was registered in the quarter ended in December 1863 in the Great Yarmouth registration district, No will. (His age calculates to 52 years and 5 months).

Secondary circumstances

Census details

  • In the census taken on the night of 30th March 1851, Henry was the head of the household and Mary was his wife. The address was Broad Row, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. They were mistranscribed as BARFIELD, but they are with the same William ORFORD Mary Ann was with in 1841 census, a grocer. This time he is confirmed as her brother, and we are now sure that Henry is the one born in Yarmoth in 1811.. Their children Ann, Rosanna and Eliza were living with them.
  • In the census taken on the night of 7th April 1861, Henry was the head of the household. The address was ship "Elizabeth'. There is a Henry BAXFIELD, born in Yarmouth in 1811, who was master of the ship 'Elizabeth' in 1861. He was married. An Henry BAXFIELD died in Yarmouth Dec qtr 1863, aged 53 (from the BMD Index AND the Burial register), so I think this is our chap..

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Email from Paul Miskin verbatim:

    This is an update to my 6th Oct 2012. It offers a little additional information but does not substantiate any past conjecture or hypothesis. The birth and parentage of the Henry BAXFIELD who married Priscilla PARTRIDGE in 1828 is still not known to me - discussion welcomed.

    1. The 1828 marriage was at Gorleston with Southdown, a Suffolk parish on the opposite bank of the river Yare to Yarmouth in Norfolk. However, the parish is or was within the Diocese of Norwich and the original historic Parish Records are lodged with Norfolk County Record Office (NRO). From enquiry I have been advised by NRO that Henry & Priscilla married after Banns and without licence or supporting allegation so it appears that both parties were of full age (that is, over 21). In which case the Henry who married in 1828 should not have been the one born in 1811. That said, it is possible that the couple arranged an accommodation address in the Gorleston parish for the minimum qualifying period. If few people knew them in Gorleston then there was unlikely to be any objection to the marriage even if Henry was under 21 years old. (Also, Henry born 1811 went to sea on merchant ships at the age of twelve and after 5 years he would have been a strapping and weather-beaten youth, perhaps looking older than his years.)

    2. Henry born 1811 signed the register at his marriage to Ann Offord on 14 Oct 1837 and his Master Mariner's Certificate of Service dated 18 Feb 1851. These two signatures are similar but not much like the Henry Baxfield signature in the 1828 marriage register.

    3. When Priscilla Baxfield married Jonathan Patterson in 1844 the GRO entry recorded that she was a spinster and this implied the possibility of some duplicity on her part. Curiously, whilst both the General Register Office and Parish versions of this marriage record were completed by the same officiating Minister and are in most respects identical, Priscilla is recorded as a widow in the PR and as a spinster in the GRO. Maybe there was a copying error from the PR to the GRO and no attempt by Priscilla to deny her previous marriage.

    I have no doubt that Henry b1811 had a career in the Merchant service and married Ann in 1837; I am finding it increasingly difficult to credit him with marrying Priscilla in 1828 ...

    perhaps another researcher has data to share that throws more light on the groom at the 1828 marriage, and father to Priscilla's children (as recorded in Yarmouth St Nicholas PR).


    Further email from Paul regarding the unlikeliness of the 1828 signature being the same as the other 2, and the fact that the marriage was NOT by licence, makes me lean more toward the young Henry NOT being the husband of Priscilla. I will leave the linkages as they are for the time being, but I expect to find (with help from others) a new, older, Henry, somewhere in the wings. (refer file in Genealogy/PR).

Children of Henry Baxfield and Priscilla Partridge

Child of Henry Baxfield

Children of Henry Baxfield and Mary Ann Offord


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