Alfred George Clark

#79773, b. 1867, d. 1915

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Birth1867Alfred George Clark
Marriage6 April 1890Alfred George Clark1
Death1915Alfred George Clark2

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  • Occupation: Alfred was an engineer.
Some aspects of Alfred George Clark's life. CLARK cozened out of His Wife by STAR BOARDER John PAYNE.

Shameless Spouse at Surry Hills.

Alfred George Clark, a wiry, active-built engineer, of middle age, gave an insight to Judge Gordon at the Divorce Court on Thursday regarding the boarding-house business, and the dangers a paterfamilias runs of losing his wife's affections thereby.

Clark, who came to this country when a child from Louisiana, wished to be cut loose from his missus, Martha Ann Clark, because of her adultery with one John Payne. Mr. A. C. Robert appeared for petitioner.

Clark, a good witness, said that he took his faithless Martha Ann, whose miden name was Sainty, for better or worse at the Congregational Church, Devonshire-street, on April 16, 1896, Rev. George Preston fixing
up the ecclesiastical and legal business. He worked as an engineer at a factory in Darling harbor, and they lived in Belvoir-street, where his wife kept boarders. In course of time four children were born. Among his
boarders was the fellow Payne, who, being the namesake of the author of "Home, Sweet Home," might have been expected to entertain similar notions about the SANCTITY OF THE HOME, even if Martha Ann possessed no very sainty notions. The years sped on, and no storm arose to spoil the matrimonial outlook or shatter the confidence in each other, till 1905, and nothing was ever seen by him which pointed to undue friendliness between his wife and Payne. Martha Ann, however, had been throwing dust in his eyes, because one night she came to him at his work with the news that she had sold out of her boarding-house, and had gone with
the children to her mother's house in Arthur-street, not far away. This news flabbergasted him for a moment, not thinking that she was capable of huckstering her boarding-house and boarders without mentioning it to him, and especially as that morning he had parted from her on the best of terms. She gave him to understand that, as the accommodation at her mother's was limited, it would be better if he took a room elsewhere for himself. Good, easy man as he was, he agreed to do this, and on the following Saturday night handed her over 30s out of his 50s wages, all she asked for.

In addition to the money he gave her, she received the rent of a house bequeathed her by her father; and, anyway, she COULD HAVE HAD MORE MONEY for the asking. Some days later he called around at her mother's, and then learnt that the family were not there. They were lost, swallowed up in Sury Hills, until one day
he came across one of the children in Campbell-street. Watching the child enter a house, he followed and knocked, but none would open, and he went his own way again.

The following pay-night his wife again called at his work, and asked him for money, again pretending that she was at her mother's. In the interim, however, he had received a letter which put him wise to certain things; but, instead of asserting himself, and kicking out the interloper Payne, he merely counselled his sainty spouse to keep her feet on the right track, and to step back from the path of dalliance she
was treading. Putting a bold face on it, his wife assured him that she had never stepped off the track of respectability, and never would, come weal or woe. She turned away then, and he ascertained shortly afterwards that she had cleared from Campbell street. Next, he discovered her in Riley street, and, intent on learning how things were, he hired a private detective, and took a house opposite; and then he couldn't help but see how Payne had supplanted him.

On Saturday night Payne would escort respondent about to theatres; but when asked for an explanation
THE COOT WOULD RUN OFF as fast as his legs could carry him. Once, however, he came up with the man, and
knocked him down, and it was then that Martha Ann showed where her sympathies lay by pelting her cast-off hubby with blue metal, and impressing it upon him that she would rather have Payne's little finger than
Clark's whole body. There's taste for you.

Oh, sic a wife as Alfy had, one wad na gie a button for her. To make a long story short, on finding the faithless Martha Ann deaf to all his entreaties to take a fresh turning to the right, petitioner took his
children away, and saved his bawbees for a divorce. It was hard saving, but, as an advanced wage was paid him eventually, he managed it at last.

Victor Pavior, a young man who served the petition on respondent and her star boarder in Rainford-street, said that Payne's remark was, "All right. When he gets the divorce WE'LL GET MARRIED."

Two little children were there, and these respondent said belonged to Payne.

His Honor was quite satisfied, and, granting, the usual decree, gave costs against Payne, and Clark the custody of his four motherless bairns.3

Some aspects of Alfred George Clark's life. Family notices in the SMH July 1915 confirm that this is our man. Family members noted are Elton H a son ; F N CLARK a brother ; Mrs C H BANKS a sister ; Victor PAVIOUR and Jack BARBOUR friends. Interesting that Victor gave evidence at the divorce a couple of years earlier.

Also included were his employers Clifton Smallgoods and fellow members of the Doric Lodge.4

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Children of Alfred George Clark and Martha Ann Sainty


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