Amy Patterson

#92, b. 3 June 1821, d. March 1908

Individual's Timeline

Birth1821Amy Patterson
Christening3 June 1821Amy Patterson1
Death of Mother1 May 1839Mary Patterson2
Marriage28 January 1844Jonathan Patterson3,4
Marriage7 March 1847Amy Patterson5,6
Death of Father19 April 1849Jonathan Patterson7
Deathbetween 1871 and 1881Robert Masters
Marr RegMarch 1888Amy Patterson8
Death16 April 1894James Bell8,9
Probate28 December 1895James Bell
Death RegMarch 1908Amy Patterson10
Death23 March 1908Amy Patterson11

Primary events

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Research Notes

  • Research note 01: In 1871 Amy's young nephew was living with her and Robert. Later in life, after he married, he named his first son Robert Masters PATTERSON, so I woud think that there was a close relationship between Robert Richard PATTERSON and his childless Aunt and Uncle. Robert Richard moved to Durham after he married, so it is possible Amy moved up there as well.

Family of Amy Patterson and Robert Masters

Family of Amy Patterson and James Bell


  1. Free parish registers, online, County     Norfolk
    Place     Filby
    Church     All Saint's
    RegisterNumber     117
    BaptismDate     03 Jun 1821
    Forename     Amy
    Sex     F
    FatherForename     Jonathan
    MotherForename     Mary
    FatherSurname     PATTERSON
    Abode     Filby
    FatherOccupation     Labourer.
  2. Copies of original certificates and docs.
  3. BDM, British Isles Vital Record CD, Name:      Jonathan Patterson
    Gender:      Male
    Spouse's Name:      Priscilla Bexfield
    Spouse's Father's Name:      Mark Partrage
    Marriage Date:      28 Jan 1844
    Marriage Place:      Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
  4. Free parish registers, online,      Norfolk
    Place     Great Yarmouth
    Church     St Nicholas
    RegisterNumber     243
    MarriageDate     28 Jan 1844
    GroomForename     Jonathan
    GroomSurname     PATTERSON
    GroomCondition     Widower
    GroomOccupation     Labourer
    GroomAbode     South End
    BrideForename     Priscilla
    BrideSurname     BOXFIELD
    BrideCondition     Widow
    BrideOccupation     Works in Factory
    BrideAbode     South End
    GroomFatherForename     -
    GroomFatherSurname     -
    GroomFatherOccupation     -
    BrideFatherForename     Mark
    BrideFatherSurname     PARTRAGE
    BrideFatherOccupation     Sawyer
    WitnessOneForename     James
    WitnessOneSurname     BURMAN
    WitnessTwoForename     Emma
    WitnessTwoSurname     PATTERSON
    Notes     Bride & groom sign X
    FileNumber     25356.
  5. BDM, British Isles Vital Record CD, Name:      Emma Patterson
    Gender:      Female
    Father's Name:      Jonathan Patterson
    Spouse's Name:      Robert Masters
    Spouse's Father's Name:      Robert Masters
    Marriage Date:      7 Mar 1847
    Marriage Place:      Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
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    Year of Registration:      1849
    Quarter of Registration:      Apr-May-Jun
    District:      Yarmouth (1837-1924)
    County:      Norfolk
    Volume:      13
    Page:      286.
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    Name:      James Bell
    Probate Date:      28 Dec 1895
    Death Date:      16 Apr 1894
    Death Place:      Yarmouth, England
    Registry:      Norwich."
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    Death Age:     87
    Birth Date:     abt 1821
    Death Date:     abt 1908
    Death Place:     22 Northgate Street
    Burial Date:     31 Mar 1908
    Burial Place:     Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
    Cemetery Section:     D
    Grave Number:     1215
    Interment Number:     194
    Cemetery Notes:     Consecrated."
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