Edward Cleghorn

#22831, b. 4 July 1626, d. 1682

Individual's Timeline

Christening4 July 1626Edward Cleghorn2,3
Marriage19 June 1656Edward Cleghorn1,4
Death of Father1659Thomas Cleghorn5
Marriage of Daughter20 April 1676Margaret Cleghorn6
Death1682Edward Cleghorn

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Edward was a goldsmith. Apprenticed to his father 14th October 1637. He became a guildbrother by right of his wife, 22 Jun.1659.5
  • Journey: He traveled to arriving 1665 spent some time in England “to the baths for his health.”.
  • Will: Edward Cleghorn left a will on 1 November 1682 Not yet obtained. When I do send a copy to Dave POwell.
Some aspects of Edward Cleghorn's life. Cleghorne was among the most influential of all Edinburgh goldsmiths relative to his training legacy as well as his family impact via marriage of his children. His impact on successive masters, running primarily through his son-in-law, James Penman, and Thomas Yorstoun was extensive. His training lineage produced an amazing number of the finest goldsmith found in Scotland, a fact born out in the lineage charts. He had two sons who were freeman. Additionally, his daughters married or bore several important Edinburgh goldsmiths. Edward Cleghorne held the office of Deacon three times equaling the most of any goldsmith. His years of office were 1663-65, 1671-73, and 1679-81. Cleghorne made a number of fine pieces of superior quality and his son Edward (2) also became a noted goldsmith.

Cleghorne combined his business with public service, being Edinburgh’s Representative at the Convention of Royal Burghs, 1679-81 and Commissioner to Parliament in 1681.

* For an example of his work see Scottish G & S plate 49. For an example marked after his death (via his widow, Marion Mitchell) see Compendium plate 30.

Scottish G&S = Scottish Gold and Silver by Ian Finlay (Revised by Henry Steuart
Fothringham). Pelican Publishing Co.. 1991.

Compendium = Compendium of Scottish Silver (Vol. 1 & 2). By Rodney and Janice Dietert Internet First Press. 2006 (freely available on the Cornell University Library DSpace – Ecommons space).7

Locus Operandi

  • 16595
  • 1682

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: May be the Edward CLEGHORN, a goldsmith from Edinburgh, who is a grantee of a bond dated 28th October 1672
    * One apprentice was John DELGARNO (3/11/1675). John was the son of William DELGARNO a Scottish clergyman.
  • Research note 02: He was a witness at the baptism of several children of James Symontoun, Alexander Reid, John Law, Robert Law, Thomas Yorstoun and James Cockburne..5

Children of Edward Cleghorn and Marion Mitchell


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