Clifford Henry Ayers

#27714, b. June 1885, d. June 1920

Individual's Timeline

Birth RegJune 1885Clifford Henry Ayers
Marriage26 June 1907Clifford Henry Ayers1,2
Death RegJune 1920Clifford Henry Ayers3

Primary events

  • Birth Reg: Clifford's birth was registered in the quarter ended in June 1885 in the Mutford, Lowestoft registration district.
  • Marriage: He married Rosa May Forwood on Wednesday, 26 June 1907 in Mutford Registry Office, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, when they were 19 years ~&~ 22 years old.1,2
  • Death Reg: Clifford's death was registered in the quarter ended in June 1920 in the Mutford registration district. (His age calculates to 35 years).3

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Clifford was in 1911 a quay labourer, and in 1916 he was an oil distiller, a baker and a fisherman. This triple occupation appears on one page of his army papers.
  • Residence: In 1915 Clifford Henry lived in 16 Seago Street, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England.2

Census details

Military Career

Records show that Clifford Henry Ayers served in the armed forces. He enlisted 11th Dec 1915, and was discharged as unfit in 1918. He did not go overseas. Prior to enlistment, he was suffering from 'heart' issues, and was previously rejected by the Navy as unfit. He expected to be rejected by the army too, but to everyone's surprise, he was passed as A1. His Tachycardia was aggravated by his military service, according to the pension board Doctors.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: In 1911, he and Rosa said they had had 2 children. Both were with them for the census. They had 1 child after the census, but there is an earlier daughter listed in his army papers. Doris was born just a few months before they married, so it is likely she was fathered by Clifford.. Clifford's pension records show he was getting money for 4 children..

Children of Clifford Henry Ayers and Rosa May Forwood


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