Joseph Only Curtis Church

#36192, b. 1820, d. September 1898

Individual's Timeline

Birth1820Joseph Only Curtis Church
Christening20 May 1820Joseph Only Curtis Church1
Death of Mother14 May 1847Mary Church2
Marr RegMarch 1850Joseph Only Curtis Church3
Death1852Eleanor Hurrell
Marr RegSeptember 1853Joseph Only Curtis Church4
Marriage of Daughter14 September 1881Harriet Louisa Garson Church5
Death RegDecember 1897Mary Elizabeth Church6
Death RegSeptember 1898Joseph Only Curtis Church7

Primary events

  • Birth: Joseph Only Curtis Church was born in 1820 in Acle, Norfolk, England.
  • Christening: He was christened on 20 May 1820 in St Edmund's, Acle, Norfolk, England. The register says he was base born. He certainly was well educated, so his father may have been someone of substance?1
  • Death of Mother: His mother Mary Church died on 14 May 1847 in Acle, England.2
  • Marr Reg: The marriage of Joseph and Eleanor Hurrell was registered in the quarter ended March 1850 in the Mutford registration district.3
  • (Widow) Death: In 1852, at the age of 32 years, Joseph was left a widower by the death of Eleanor Hurrell.
  • Marr Reg: The marriage of Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Garson was registered in the quarter ended September 1853 in the Great Yarmouth registration district.4
  • Marriage of Daughter: His child Harriet Louisa Garson Church was married on 14 September 1881 in Al Saints, Earsham, Norfolk, England.5
  • (Widow) Death Reg: By the death of Mary Elizabeth Church, Joseph Only Curtis became a widower in the quarter ended December 1897. He was 77 years at the time; aged 75.6
  • Death Reg: Joseph's death was registered in the quarter ended in September 1898 in the Blofield, Acle registration district, aged 78. (His age calculates to 78 years).7

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Joseph was a dispenser of medicines; a druggist. In Kelly's Directpry of 1883 he is a druggist.

Census details

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: A good chance his father is 'CURTIS'. There were some Joseph CURTIS men in and around Acle of the right age to be his father. The Church Parish Chest doc may throw light on his father.
    * As well as that a Mary CHURCH, a widow, married Joseph CURTIS in Acle 1802. Mary most likely died in Acle in 1810. Joseph died in 1851, aged 71. This means that our Mary CHURCH was the step daughter of the widowed Joseph CURTIS when she had Joseph Only Curtis CHURCH. Could he have been fathered by his step grandfather?
    * Joseph left a Will in 1851. He was married to Sarah at the time of his death. She was his sole executrix. Beneficies are: Brother James; Brother John; Sister Martha (Mrs HOLMES); Sister Mary (Mrs FULLER); Niece Lydia WATERS; Wife's nephew John HILLING a miller. No mention of Joseph CHURCH - bugger.
    * Joseph's second wife was Sarah HILLING, married in Upton in 1828, which is well after Joseph CHURCH was born. Her executor was her nephew named as above.

Child of Joseph Only Curtis Church and Eleanor Hurrell

Children of Joseph Only Curtis Church and Mary Elizabeth Garson


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    Forename     Joseph Only Curtis
    Sex     M
    MotherForename     Mary
    MotherSurname     CHURCH
    FatherOccupation     Spinster
    Notes     Baseborn
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    GroomAge     30
    GroomCondition     Bachelor
    GroomOccupation     Book keeper at Mill
    GroomAbode     Earsham
    BrideForename     Harriet Louisa Garson
    BrideSurname     CHARCH
    BrideAge     21
    BrideCondition     Spinster
    BrideOccupation     Living at home
    BrideAbode     Acle
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    WitnessOneForename     Geo Richard
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