Sarah Culling

#38470, b. 1838, d. June 1934

The three-bay house was built in 1766 as Cedar Lawn. It re-fronted with white stucco in the early 19th century. There are 2 Blue London Plaques, one says William CATTLEY, a Botanist 1788-1835 lived there and the other notes it was the Victoria Maternity Hospital. No mention of the 36 bed WW1 Military Hospital. It is now private apartments

Individual's Timeline

Birth1838Sarah Culling
Marriage3 July 1895Sarah Culling1
Marr RegSeptember 1895Sarah Culling2
Death15 April 1908James Culling Utting
Death RegJune 1934Sarah Culling3

Primary events

  • Birth: Sarah Culling was born in 1838 in Poringland, Norfolk, England.
  • Marriage: She married James Culling Utting, son of Henry Utting and Lydia Culling, on Wednesday, 3 July 1895 in St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England, when they were 70 years, 2 months and 6 days ~&~ 57 years old. The ceremony was witnessed by Joseph Eaglin. By License. Other witness was Lizzie EAGLING. The couple were 1st cousins.1
  • Marr Reg: The marriage of Sarah and James Culling Utting was registered in the quarter ended September 1895 in the Norwich registration district. Sarah had the name of CULLING when she married so must have been single at the time. The groom was 69 and the bride 57.2
  • (Widow) Death: In 1908, at the age of 70 years, Sarah was left a widow by the death of James Culling Utting.
  • Death Reg: Sarah's death was registered in the quarter ended in June 1934 in the Norwich registration district, aged 97. (Her age calculates to 96 years).3

Secondary circumstances

  • Married Name: Her married name was Utting.

Census details

  • She appeared on the census taken on the night of 30th March 1851, living in Poringland, Norfolk, England in the household of her parents, Charles Culling and Sarah Woolner. She was 13 years old.
  • In 1891 in Hampstead Sarah Culling was included in the household of Caroline POWELL, a widow of 56 living on her own means (and they must have been substantial). She had with her 4 step children aged between 19 and 31, 3 visitors (a solicitor, his wife and another single lady of 40 living by her own means) and then after the staff are listed there is a family of POWELLS listed as visitors but who must be distant relations. The 'head' is a Colonial Merchant and he has 4 children under 8 and his wife and a nurse.. There are 6 staff, one a butler, and Sarah is the housemaid. Sarah was with the same family in the same house in 1881. There are 2 visitors, one a nephew who is an undergraduate in Oxford and one a merchant's daughter. There is still a staff of 6, but no butler.
  • Sarah Culling appeared on the census taken on the night of 2nd April 1911, at 22 Gladstone Street, Norwich, Norfolk, England, in the household of Ann Culling, her sister.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Sarah is missing from the 1871 census but is found in London in 1861 with the Montgomery Family. She was already a servant in a substantial London house (Clock House, The Grove, Hampstead). She is the housemaid in a staff of 7, 2 are a married couple who are Butler and Housekeeper. Could Sarah be the mother of James CULLING born in the workhouse in Pulham?.
Background information on Cedar Lawn, North End Road, Hampstead, Greater London, England, - Sarah was working here in 1891 (refer to census details). This house was used as a military hospital in WW1. The owner at the time was Lord Leverhulme. The hospital had 36 beds.

My guess that Caroline POWELL who lived in this house was wealthy in 1891 is correct. Her husband was George Holt POWELL who was one of the executors of the Will of Jacob Yallowley POWELL in 1875. This will left an estate of £160,000. Interesting in that he left bequests to various orphanages and hospitals, and to some members of the Baptist Minstery. He left £20,000 to be shared between 2 nieces, except if either or both married a minister of the Established Church, or any commissioned member of Her Majesty's Army the bequest would lapse (there's a great reason to live in sin, or find an Admiral). The balance of the estate went ot his sister Ruth. He demanded to be buried in unconsecrated land. Of course much of the terms of the Will was a point of newspaper coverage after he died.

SO---it appears Sarah was the housemaid in a very grand london house indeed.

Family of Sarah Culling and James Culling Utting


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    Place     Norwich
    Church     St Peter Mancroft
    RegisterNumber     463
    MarriageDate     03 Jul 1895
    GroomForename     James Culling
    GroomSurname     UTTING
    GroomAge     64
    GroomCondition     Widower
    GroomOccupation     Market Gardener
    GroomAbode     Frammingham Pigot
    BrideForename     Sarah
    BrideSurname     CULLING
    BrideAge     58
    BrideCondition     Spinster
    BrideAbode     St Peter Mancroft
    GroomFatherForename     Henry
    GroomFatherSurname     UTTING
    GroomFatherOccupation     Market Gardener (deceased)
    BrideFatherForename     Charles
    BrideFatherSurname     CULLING
    BrideFatherOccupation     Market Gardener (deceased)
    WitnessOneForename     Joseph
    WitnessOneSurname     EAGLING
    WitnessTwoForename     Lizzie
    WitnessTwoSurname     EAGLING
    Notes     by licence ; witness1 signed his mark
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