Anthony Everett

#3044, b. 13 January 1736, d. 5 November 1821

Individual's Timeline

Birth1736Anthony Everett
Christening13 January 1736Anthony Everett1
Marriage1758Anthony Everett2
Death of Mother2 March 1766Mary Smith3
Probate1774William Aldis4
Marriage22 March 1779Honor Everett5,6
Death30 July 1797Sarah Aldis7
Marriage28 May 1798Anthony Everett
Death5 November 1821Anthony Everett

Primary events

  • Birth: Anthony Everett was born in 1736 in England He is consistently recorded as 85 when he died, and his headstone even refers to the fact his time on earth had been long.
  • Christening: He was christened on 13 January 1736 in St Mary Magdalen At, Pulham, Norfolk, England. I found John and Anthony with same parents in Pulham, so I am comfortable that I have the correct parents, despite the change in the spelling of the family name. As Anthony EVERARD.1
  • Marriage: He married Sarah Aldis, daughter of William Aldis and Elizabeth Curtis, in 1758 in Holy Cross Church, Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk, England, when they were 23 years ~&~ 21 years old. Left money by William ALDIS as the wife of Anthony EVERETT, then I found the marriage. Note that Sarah was literate, signing the marriage record.2
  • Death of Mother: His mother Mary Smith died on 2 March 1766 in Pulham Market, Norfolk, England.3
  • (Witness) Probate: Anthony Everett was mentioned when the estate of William Aldis probated in 1774.4
  • (Witness) Marriage: He witnessed the marriage of Honor Everett and Charles Culling on 22 March 1779 in St Mary's Church, Shotesham, Norfolk, England; Parish register reads - Charles CULLING of the parish of Yelverton, single man, and Honour EVERETT of this parish, single woman, married by License by James ANSDELL Vicar. The marriage was witnessed by Anthony EVERETT and James CULLING, who both made their mark. Charles and Honour both signed the register.5,6
  • (Widow) Death: In 1797, at the age of 61 years, 6 months and 17 days, Anthony was left a widower by the death of Sarah Aldis; Wife of Anthony.7
  • Marriage: Anthony Everett married Elizabeth Aldis, daughter of William Aldis and Elizabeth Taylor, on Monday, 28 May 1798 in St Mary at Coslany, Norwich, Norfolk, England, when they were 62 years, 4 months and 15 days ~&~ 21 years, 3 months and 3 days old. Downloaded the actual Parish Registry from Family Search. Entry shows they were married by banns, and that Anthony was illiterate, but Elizabeth could sign her name. The witnesses were HOME or HORNE, Samuel HAYDON and Elizabeth COLMAN. Elizabeth COLMAN was the only witness to sign with a X. Both bride and groom were 'of this parish'. Anthony's brother John married Mary ALDIS Nov 1755 in Pulham NFK. Elizabeth was Mary's niece.
  • Death: Anthony died on 5 November 1821 in Norfolk, England, (Aged 85 years, 9 months and 23 days, worked back from recorded birth date).
  • Burial: He was buried on 10 November 1821 in All Saints' Church, Shotesham, Norfolk, England, says he was aged 85, which puts his birth at 1736, This has to be our Anthony as his eldest 2 children with Elizabeth are named in his will as is his wife Elizabeth.8

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Anthony was a farmer with a substantial acreage.
  • Residence: In 1773 Anthony lived in Shotesham, Norfolk, England.
  • wit_to: In 1773, Anthony and Sarah witnessed The marriage of William CLARKE and Ann HERRING in Shotesham.
  • Owner: In 1781 Anthony Everett was the owner of An Estate in Shotesham, situated in An Estate, Shotesham, Norfolk, England.9
  • asc with: In between 1802 and 1812, Anthony Everett was known to have an association with In 1802 they were the sole representatives for Shotesham on the Board of the Association for Prosecuting Horse Stealers and Other Felons. In 1807 they were joined by SPALDING, CLARKE, BUNN and GRIMMER. GRIMMER dropped off my 1810.10
  • Will: Anthony Everett left a will on 15 December 1821 John Arthur Everett was named as Executor.

Estates Planned & Unplanned

The will left by Anthony on 15 December 1821 reads as follows: Partial transcription of his will. Executors (and guardians of his children then under 21) were his son John Arthur EVERETT and 2 friends. He left 300 pounds to be invested on behalf of his wife Elizabeth for the term of her natural life or until she remarried or co-habited with another man. He left the balance thus: - 100 pounds to each of John Arthur and George Taylor, the lease and management of his farm to John Arthur, and then the total estate, including the valuation of the farming business left to his eldest son who had to pay into the estate the value thereof, left equally between his children in the usual manner. Unfortunately he did not name his children but by my reckoning he had 16 in total, but of course some may have died prior to their father. The youngest would have been 3 when Anthony died. The will was valued for duty at £4,000 which using average wages would be worth £3,190,000 today.

Anecdote - Musings and Reasonings

Research note (complicated): These 2 men are Uncle and nephew. They married women named Sarah. One couple had 5 children in Shotesham 1786-1791, but I have yet to prove which one.

The older Anthony did not mention any of these children in his Will, so I have, arbitrarily, assigned them to the younger couple. One the other hand, the younger William and his wife do not appear in the burial records of Shotesham, so could in theory have moved elsewhere after they married.

To complicate matters even further, both women would have been rather old to have given borth to at least the last children who were twins..
Research note (complicated): When Anthony married Sarah RUMBELL in 1785 he was 49 years old. There is an earlier marriage (1758) when an Anthony EVERETT married a Sarah ALDES in Stoke Holy Cross (see Research note 5). Could this be our Anthony? He was said to be a bachelor when he married Sarah RUMBEL, but the parish registers are not always accurate. There is an issue with the provenance. An Anthony witnessed 2 marriages in Shotesham, and he could not sign his name. He DID sign when he married Sarah the widow, but them 'reverted' to being illiterate when he married Elizabeth the 17 year old in Norwich. All the collated data point to these Antony's being the same man, but the intermittent illiteracy has to but a big questions mark against it. We are certain that the elderly man who married the teenaged Elizabeth in Norwich was from Shotesham, from the Will, from his headstone, and from various Shotesham PR entries.

There is one child for this couple in Stoke Holy ross - Honor EVERRETT Chr 4th Feb 1759.

Also an Anthony and Mary EVERETT had children christened in Pulham 1762-1775. There was yet another marriage, this time in Swainsthorpe to Mary MOON in June 1768, so I am sure we are looking at at least 2 Anthony EVERETTs in Norfolk at this time. There is only one Anthony EVERETT burial found so far in free bmd (Shotesham 1821) and one in IGI 17th Nov 1786 in Norwich.11


Anthony Everett's headstone in the All Saints' Churchyard Grave NFKS31/0058 reads [In] memory of Anthony Everett who died Nov 4th 1821 aged 85 years. See attached exhibit for a transcription of the 'readable' portion of the poetic inscription.

Research Notes

  • Research note 02: Anthony's first and last wives were Aunt and niece to each other..
  • Research note 01: A map of his farm is in the NRO.12
  • Research note 03: 20th April 1786 a John EVERETT husbandman died aged 29. This would make his birth year 1757. From the way other entries are made in the burial register I believe he was unmarried..
  • Research note 04: I believe there are 2 children buried in All Saints with either Anthony or Sarah. William RYE died in 28th August 1794 and Matilda died in 8th Jan 1795. These are the children of William and Alicia RYE. The 'fact' they are in the same grave has been assumed from the NAOMI site and the details of their parents is from the burial register.
  • Research note 05: An Anthony EVERETT married Sarah ALDES in Stoke Holy Cross 1758. For this is be ours there would have to be an error in his marriage certificate when he married Sarah RUMBALL, as this stated he was single (and 49) at the time.
Background information on Shotesham Park - Anthony leased his large farm from Robert FELLOWS. The farm was part of the Shotesham Park Estate where Robert FELLOWS commissioned architect Sir John SOANE to design and build his house. It was built between 1785 and 1788, which was about the same time as Anthony's first marriage. The attached modern map shows the park in relation to its surrounding villages. I have yet to work out exactly where Anthony's farm was.

In the 1861 census, Shotesham Park was still the home of the FELLOWES family. Robert FELLOWES esq. born 1780 in Shotesham who was a land owner and County Magistrate, his wife Jane born 1784 in Warwickshire, a daughter Louisa (aged 44 born in Newbry Berkshire) who was married to Sir ?? GLADSTONE, William MANSFIELD (5 born in Shotesham), John W MANSFIELD (3 born in Warsaw Poland) both grandchildren of Robert and noted as the children of Sir William MANSFIELD. The servants are an interesting bunch as well. The nurse is an 81 year old spinster, the Governess is a 59 year old spinster who was born in Caister, then there is another nurse, a housekeeper, a lady's maid, 2 laundry maids, 3 house maids, a kitchen maid, a still room maid, a nursery maid, a scullery maid, a butler, 2 footman, 2 hall boys, a head gardener and 2 assistants. Total number of people in the Manor House on census night, including a couple of visitors and the gardener's family was 32. There is no-one who has the job of cook? Maybe the cook came in from the village?

Click on the map and it will open a larger rendition.

Child of Anthony Everett and Sarah Aldis

Children of Anthony Everett and Elizabeth Aldis


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