William Henry Buss

#43923, b. 1856

Individual's Timeline

Birth1856William Henry Buss
Marriagebetween 1881 and 1891William Henry Buss
Marriagecirca 1903William Henry Buss

Primary events

  • Birth: William Henry Buss was born in 1856 in Oswego, New York, USA, a British Subject.
  • Marriage: He married Eliza Garnier between 1881 and 1891.
  • Marriage: William Henry Buss married Eliza Jane Bland circa 1903.

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: William was a cabinet maker in 1871 in London, a clerk in a store in USA in 1880, a cabinet maker in London in 1881, and in 1891 a New Church Minister. In 1901, he was a wood sawyer and a lunatic. There is, of course, a strong possibility that the William H BUSS, who was born in New York in 1856, and was working as a clerk in a store in New York in 1880 is not the same man as found in England in all the other census.

Census details

  • He appeared on the census taken on the night of 2nd April 1871, living in Huntley Street, St Pancras, Greater London, England in the household of his mother, Jane (?). He was 15 years old.
  • The census taken on in 1880 in Courtland is not this person. Reasoning: He says both his parents were born in the USA, and he is a clerk in a store. I year later he is in England, which og course is not impossible, but he is working as a cabinet maker, a skill that takes years of working as an apprentice.1
  • In 1881 in Bromley William Henry Buss was included in the household of Charles WILLIAMS , a county court clerk. William is a boarder, born in USA, who is a cabinet maker.
  • William Henry Buss was named as the head of the household in the census taken on the night of 5th April 1891. Others in the house included Eliza Garnier. The address was listed as 2 Clairvale Road, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.
  • In 1901 in Dartford William Henry Buss was included in the census schedule of London County Asylum. He was aged 45 years. William was a patient.
  • He was named as the head of the household in the census taken on the night of April 2nd 1911. Others in the house included Eliza Jane Bland. The address was listed as an unknown place . William, after a stint in the London Lunatic Asylum, turns up with a much younger wife named Eliza (as was his first who was much older than he was). He is again a minister of religion - The New Jerusalem Church - or Swedenborgian. He and Eliza had been married for 8 years and had not had any children. Anne Elizabeth BLAND, the single sister of Eliza is also with them.
    * Note the religion is based on the theoretical writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. The general convention of the New Jerusalem Church in the United States was organized in Baltimore 1817. The teachings of the church emphasized the individual self-realization through the study of the interpretation of the Scriptures by Emanuel Swedenborg.

    A new general convention formed in 1897 to form the General Church of the New Jerusalem. They believed the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg were the very Word of the Lord, which was revealed at his second coming.

    Hundreds of mediums and psychics came out of the congregations belonging to Swedenborgians in the 19th centuries. Occultism and the theology of reincarnation and karma were combined with alchemy and divination in those who followed the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg in France and England. The majority of these followers were from the Swedenborg writings of his book "Heaven and Hell" in which he writes that he was led by spirits to experience both Heaven and hell. Swedenborg conversed with the spirit realm until his death in 1772.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: It is possible he was in Oswega in 1905 as a Minister of the Gospel.

Family of William Henry Buss and Eliza Garnier

Family of William Henry Buss and Eliza Jane Bland


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