Luke Culling

#44969, b. 1829, d. 23 October 1875

Luke was the gamekeeper here in 1876

Individual's Timeline

Birth1829Luke Culling
Marr RegSeptember 1850Luke Culling1
Death of Mother22 July 1859Sarah Culling
Death23 October 1875Luke Culling
Probate14 March 1876Luke Culling

Primary events

  • Birth: Luke Culling was born in 1829 in Yelverton, Norfolk, England, Place from 1861 census.
  • Marr Reg: The marriage of Luke and Eliza Reeve was registered in the quarter ended September 1850 in the Plomsgate registration district.1
  • Death of Mother: His mother Sarah Culling died on 22 July 1859 in Suffolk, England.
  • Death: Luke died on 23 October 1875 in East Lodge, Rossie Priory, Perth, Scotland, (Aged 46 years, worked back from recorded birth date).
  • Probate: His estate was probated on 14 March 1876. The confirmation of the Commissariot of Perth of Eliza REEVE or CULLING of East Lodge Rossie Priory Inchture in the County of Perth (Scotland) as Executrix Nominate of Luke CULLING sometime in Bucklesham in the Country of Suffolk, Gamekeeper, after wards Gamekeeper at East Lodge who died at East Lodge 23rd October 1875.

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Luke was a game keeper.
  • Residence: In February 1870 Luke lived in Waldringfield, Suffolk, England. Luke, as a gamekeeper, charged men with tresspass in search of game (poaching) on land owned by John HUNT.

Census details

Some aspects of Luke Culling's life.

Luke was a game keeper in Suffolk until at least 1870, then he turns up, dead, in Scotland in 1875. He died in Rossie Priory, the seat of Lord Kinnaird. Lord Kinnaird seems, from reading some of his letters to the editor published around this time, a little excentric. In 1872, in the Dundee Courier, there is a story that says the Lord was sued by John REILLY, who asserted he had been falsely imprisoned by a gamekeeper in the Employ of Rossie Priory. It seems the case was settled out of court, but Lord Kinnaird's's supports were expecting some fire and brimstone from the witnesses box (from the Lord) if the case had been heard. The newspaper extract can be seen as an exhibit. Luke is NOT mentioned, so it isn possible he joined the firm at a later date, but it does show clearly the type of gamekeeping he would be doing - right in the middle of a local scrummage regarding the rights of the LandLORD against the rights of the locals.

There were other things going on in the Priory at the time of Luke's residence. Lord KINNAIRD was a pioneer of photogrpahy, interested in geology and had a large collection of samples. He was also a pioneer of advanced agricultural techinques. I am sure Luke would have been aware of, and even a part of, some of these aspects of Priory life.

Luke sold up his Suffolk household in 1871. See one of the PDF exhibits for the full page of the Ipswich Journal that carried his advert. He owned 2 tame hawks, but did not take these with him.2,3
Background information on Rossie Priory, Perth, Scotland, - Rossie Estate, just north of Inchture village, was – and still is – a splendid piece of prime agricultural land, although rather isolated. The main road passing the estate had a turnpike until at least 1836, and the Perth-Dundee railway did not open until 1847 (with a special branch line constructed to the gates of the estate).One prominent visitor, the Earl of Shaftesbury, described Rossie Priory in 1839: ‘This is an excellent house; large, comfortable, and handsome, full of articles of wealth and taste, pictures, statues and china, infinite in extent and value. The place is gentlemanlike, and highly agreeable, commanding fine views of the country and the course of the river Tay.’ In 1885 the Ordnance Survey Gazetteer of Scotland praised Rossie Priory as ‘a superb monastic-looking pile, spacious and elegant within, and of imposing aspect without; contains a valuable collection of antiquities, chiefly Roman; and has pleasure grounds, gardens and policies of great extent and singular beauty.’

It was the seat of Lord Kinniard in 1875

This is where Luke was working as the gamekeeper when he died.

Children of Luke Culling and Eliza Reeve


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