Sophia Jex Blake

#47286, b. 21 January 1840, d. 7 January 1912

Individual's Timeline

Birth21 January 1840Sophia Jex Blake
Death of Father1868Thomas Jex Blake
Death of Mother1881Maria Emily Cubitt
Death7 January 1912Sophia Jex Blake

Primary events

Some aspects of Sophia Jex Blake's life. Sophia was first a mathematics teacher, and then attempted to train for medicine in USA. She returned to England when her father died (1868, she was 28), and tried to get medical training in Edinburgh. She was an active campaigner for the right for women to be trained as medical practitioners, succeeding with a Parliamentary Bill in 1874. She passed her medical exams in Berne and then again in Ireland, getting her MD in January 1877, at the age of 37. She eventually set up her own Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women (1886).

She never married and she lived with Dr Margaret TODD, a Glaswegian schoolteacher who was one of the first students of the School of Medicine for Women. Margaret wrote The Life of Dr Sophia Jex-Blake after Sophia died.

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Research Notes

  • Research note 01: a social reformer in getting women accepted into medicine.


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