David Gent

#47486, b. 1830, d. March 1870

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Individual's Timeline

Birth1830David Gent
Marr RegMarch 1854David Gent1
Death3 February 1870David Gent2
Death RegMarch 1870David Gent3
Probate29 March 1870David Gent

Primary events

  • Birth: David Gent was born in 1830 in Wicklewood, Norfolk, England.
  • Marr Reg: The marriage of David and Mary Ann Gibson was registered in the quarter ended March 1854 in the Norwich registration district.1
  • Death: David died on 3 February 1870 in Norwich St George Colegate, Norfolk, England, (Aged 40 years, worked back from recorded birth date).2
  • Death Reg: David's death was registered in the quarter ended in March 1870 in the Norwich registration district. (His age calculates to 40 years).3
  • Probate: His estate was probated on 29 March 1870. Mary Ann Gibson was the administrator and/or the beneficiary. The estate was valued at £50.

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: David was a fish monger in 1851 and later the publican at the Rose Inn, 5 and 7 St Augustine Street, Norwich. I believe he was also the licensee of the St John's Head in Coslany Street between 1856-1859. The St John's Head was owned by George MORSE, who also owned the King's Arms.

Census details

Some aspects of David Gent's life. David gets a few mentions in the Norfolk newspapers. Saturday 06 December 1862 Norfolk News - Charged with selling booze outside licensed hours

Saturday 04 April 1863, Norfolk Chronicle. - He appears in this and other papers as taking part in 'pedestrian' races. In all cases they seem to refer to 2 man contests. Wikipedia says 'Pedestrianism was a 19th-century form of competitive walking, often professional and funded by wagering, from which the modern sport of racewalking developed."

Saturday 10 November 1866, Norfolk News - A case against David was dismissed (lack of evidence) regarding his dog attacking Dr DALRYMPLE. It is interesting to note (for me anyway) that David was represented by CHITTOCK, another member of my family who are peripherally connected to the BLAKE side of things

Saturday 02 May 1868 - Norwich Chronicle. David had 18 bottles of spirits stolen from a hamper at the Ship Inn, Blakeney. Thief was Thomas WEST a sailor. David was named as a carrier, and the hamper was brought to Blakeney by David (in his capacity as carrier I presume), consigned to W WOOD. Mr WOOD was a pilot, and was up and about at dawn. He discovered the theft, seeing a few broken bottles around, and raised the constable. Said constable searched out the thief, and found him 'drunk and insensible' at the house of William PELLIS.

Saturday 6th Feb 1869 (before David died) - An ad appeared in the Norfolk Chronicles. DAVID GENT, Holt and Blakeney Carrier. In answer to many enquirers Mrs GENT begs to inform her numerous friends that the business will be continued as hitherto by her son and a confidential Man. and, under present trying circumstances, she ventures to hope for a continuance of all orders which will be strictly executed.

Saturday 06 February 1869, Norwich Chronicle. This identifies the reason for Mary's advert dated 6th Feb 1869, the same day as this story. David was charged with cruelty to his horse and was imprisoned for 2 months, and if he did not also pay the costs of the trial, he was to server 14 more days.

Saturday 02 September 1882, The Ipswich Journal. The License of the Beaconsfield Arms, Bungay, was transferred to David GENT (junior I am guessing)

I have NOT been able to find in the papers any mention of David's death, but I have to point out that searching is problematical. The pages are scanned using Optical Character Recognition, and I am certain looking for key words (in this case David AND Gent) miss more than they find. There is no 'loose' search. Of course I also got hits from any person named David who was described as a 'gent.' which were 'hundreds'. I had to limit the search to a few years.4

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: A David GENT was the licensee of St John's Head, Coslany Street, St Michael at Coslaney 1856-1859

    By 1861 he was at the Rose Inn, and he was replaced 11th Oct 1867 by William HOWARTH

    He became the landlord of the Crown, 48 Bridge Street, Norwich 3rd Oct 1867. Mary Ann GENT is shown as the Licensee in 5th May 1870

    Mary was replaced by Charles HARVEY 14th Sept 1871.

    the next 2 are possibly David junior. - On 1st Nov 1881 David GENT was at the Bricklayer's Arms, Castle Hill, St John Timberhill, Norwich. He was replaced by Johanna Theresa RYAN 31st Jan 1882.

    David GENT then shows up on the same day, as the licencee of the Sun Stores, 13 St Giles Street, Norwich. 31st Jan 1882 until August of the same year..5
  • Research note 02: Other people who are part of this database, namely BASE, BELL and CHITTOCK were liiving in Rose Yard around this time, so they must have known one another. A CHITTOCK was the lawyer for David in one of his court appearances..

Children of David Gent and Mary Ann Gibson


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