William Joseph Mason Woodcock1

#49326, b. 18 September 1897, d. 15 May 1982

Individual's Timeline

Birth18 September 1897William Joseph Mason Woodcock1
Death15 May 1982William Joseph Mason Woodcock2

Primary events

  • Birth: William Joseph Mason Woodcock was born on 18 September 1897 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England, His birth was registered as William Joseph MASON in Boston, prior to his parent's marriage, 7a/440.1
  • Death: William died on 15 May 1982 in Alliston, Ontario, Canada, (Aged 84 years, 7 months and 27 days, worked back from recorded birth date).2

Census details

  • In 1901 in Boston William Joseph Mason Woodcock was included in the household of George and Mary HOLLINGWORTH and their 3 children. William was a boarder.
Some aspects of William Joseph Mason Woodcock's life. These are the remarks of Dr. Barnardo's Intake / Assessment
- it says:
"William is illegitimate, born before the parents' marriage. The mother was the father's (William Woodcock’s) third wife. Some time ago she was separated from the father William Woodcock, who was ordered to contribute towards her support. He was a beer-house keeper, greatly addicted to drink, and died suddenly on 24th November last, from a broken blood vessel, at Boston. The mother's whereabouts is not known. These children were, at the death of the father, left destitute, and had latterly been kept by the half sister, whose husband is a teacher under the City of Nottingham Education Committee, earning 95 pounds per annum. They have four children of their own, the eldest being five years old, and could not afford to support these children. William and Kathleen are nice, healthy children."

Uncles (paternal) Charles Woodcock (51) beer house keeper, 1 pound per week, 43 Rosegarth Street Nottingham; Tom Woodcock(45)labourer, out of work, Black Sluice, Skirkbeck Quarter.

William Joseph Mason (Woodcock), my grandfather was sent to Canada as a Barnardo Home Child. Two years later his sister Kathleen Louisa Woodcock was shipped to Canada as a Barnardo Home Child. He was taken in by a wonderful farm family, the Hassards at Mono Mills, Ontario, Canada. My grandfather was a very strong hard working person and was well liked and supported by his adoptive family. He continued to remain in touch with Carrie for a number of years. I note the year of her death which would have been the reason I was unaware of communications. I have the Barnardo Home records for both William and Kitty. Later my grandfather married Margaret Thomas. Interestingly the Barnardo Home states that my grandmother Margaret Thomas had been a life long childhood friend of my grandfather. Margaret “Maggie” had only emigrated from England following WW1. I am now wondering if they had a mutual interest in Boston England??

All of the above is the research of Lynda Mitchell REYNOLDS.1

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Shortly thereafter on December 20th, 1906, both William Joseph Mason (Woodcock) and Kathleen Louisa Woodcock were admitted to the Dr. Barnardo’s Home for Children. Carrie the older sister aged 32 at the time had married Bert /Frank? Chittock who was a teacher. As they had 4 children of their own it was extremely difficult to support William and Kathleen and so admission to Barnardo’s was sought. It was noted that Carrie was expecting and a child was born at the time William Woodcock passed away. That is why they could probably not take on Kitty and William. Research by Lynda, see source citation.1


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