Eliza Scott

#49378, b. 1895

Individual's Timeline

Birth1895Eliza Scott
Birth RegSeptember 1896Eliza Scott1

Primary events

  • Birth: Eliza Scott was born in 1895 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England.
  • Birth Reg: Eliza's birth was registered in the quarter ended in September 1896 in the Grantham registration district.1

Secondary circumstances

  • Name Variation: She was also known as Mirian Elizabeth Scott.

Census details

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Mirian does not turn up in marriage or death records in England post-1911..
  • Research note 02: Where did Eliza cum Mirian Elizabeth come from? She was born some 5 years prior to the SCOTT/WOODCOCK marriage. * Was George married prior to Alice, and this first marriage produced Mirian Elizabeth 'Eliza' SCOTT. OR, is she a more distant relative of George's who was taken in when George married. In 1811, George appears to have the relationship column 'wrong' for everybody except himself and Alice, so nothing in there can be used as a solid basis for an opinion. As she was registered as SCOTT, and the timing of her birth, I think it safe to assume she is not related to Alice.
    * On the strength of the above I looked for marriages in Lincoln (could have been anywhere, I know) for George SCOTT, between 1892 and 1895, NO MIDDLE NAME (as if he had one he surely would have used it in 1911). I came up with 4 possible brides, but I could not find a death before Dec 1899 of a bride of childbearing age to match any of the given names.
    * Knowing if George said he was a widower or a bachelor when he married would be good..


  1. Alison Storey, "Alison Storey," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, Oct 2012, I think Eliza was recorded as Mirian Elizabeth Scott at birth - Jul-Sep 1896 (Grantham 7a 474).
  2. Alison Storey, "Alison Storey," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, Oct 2012, JFound after much persistance by Alison.