Thomas Chugg

#49985, b. 15 April 1899, d. June 1956

Individual's Timeline

Birth15 April 1899Thomas Chugg1
Birth RegJune 1899Thomas Chugg2
Marr RegMarch 1922Thomas Chugg3
19391939Thomas Chugg1
Death RegJune 1956Thomas Chugg4
Death22 June 1956Thomas Chugg5
Probate30 July 1956Thomas Chugg

Primary events

  • Birth: Thomas Chugg was born on 15 April 1899 in Keypitt, Barnstaple, Devon, England.1
  • Birth Reg: Thomas's birth was registered in the quarter ended in June 1899 in the Barnstaple registration district.2
  • Marr Reg: The marriage of Thomas and Winifred Kathleen Slee Chugg was registered in the quarter ended March 1922 in the Barnstaple registration district.3
  • Death Reg: Thomas's death was registered in the quarter ended in June 1956 in the Barnstaple registration district. (His age calculates to 57 years and 1 month).4
  • Death: Thomas died on 22 June 1956 in Rose Cottage, West Down, Devon, England, (Aged 57 years, 2 months and 7 days, worked back from recorded birth date).5
  • Probate: His estate was probated on 30 July 1956. Winifred Kathleen Slee Chugg was the administrator and/or the beneficiary. The estate was valued at £2,536.

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Thomas was a farmer.

Census details

Thomas Chugg was a party to the brush with the law experienced by of William Chugg In 1910 William CHUGG of Keypitt Farm was summoned for not sending his 2 children, Thomas and Dorothy CHUGG, regularly to school. The School Board said these children were most backward in their education, and William countered by saying the school was nearly 3 miles from Keypitt. William was told he must send the children to school, and he agreed that Thomas would go to Ilfracombe National School and Dorothy to Ilfracombe Hermitage School. There is NO birth registered in Devon that could be Dorothy, so I think it must be Emily (who would have been 8 in 1910) or, much less likely, her sister Edith (13). From the way the memorial 1915 for Reginald is worded, Edith was dead by then, as there is only the one sister.

As a counter to this story, William advertised in the Devon and Exeter Gazette dated May 17th, 1904, for a respectable woman to teach 3 young children at home on the farm. He preferred a farmer's daughter or widow.

Child of Thomas Chugg and Winifred Kathleen Slee Chugg

  • Audsylvena D Chugg


  1. Find my past web sites, online or, Chugg Household (5 People) Welcombe Farm , Crediton R.D., Devon, England
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         First name(s)      Last name(s)      DOB      Sex      Occupation      Marital status      Schedule      Schedule Sub Number      
         Thomas      Chugg      15 Apr 1899      Male      Farmer      Married      18      1      
         Winifred K      Chugg      22 Jul 1897      Female      Unpaid Domestic Duties      Married      18      2      
         Audsylvena D      Herbert (Chugg)      01 Dec 1922      Female      Farm Worker Assisting Parents      Single      18      3      
         Winifred K      Chugg      22 Jul 1897      Female      Unpaid Domestic Duties      Married      18      6      
         Sylvia D      Herbert (Chugg)      01 Dec 1922      Female      Farm Worker Assisting Parents      Single      18      7      

    Ref: RG101/6863H/003/16 Letter Code:.
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  4. Find my past web sites, online or, Civil Registration event: Death
    Name:      CHUGG, Thomas
    Registration district:      Barnstaple
    County:      Devon
    Year of registration:      1956
    Quarter of registration:      Apr-May-Jun
    Age at death:      57
    Volume no:      7A
    Page no:      261.
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    England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 about Thomas Chugg
    Name:      Thomas Chugg
    Probate Date:      30 Jul 1956
    Death Date:      22 Jun 1956
    Death Place:      Devonshire, England
    Registry:      London, England."