William Baldwin

#51103, b. 15 July 1739, d. 20 April 1812
  • Father: Samuel Baldwin b. 1701, d. 22 Jan 1790
  • Mother: Martha Baker b. 1701, d. 1 Jan 1779

Individual's Timeline

Birth1739William Baldwin
Christening15 July 1739William Baldwin1
Marriage14 May 1762William Baldwin2
Death of Mother1 January 1779Martha Baker3
Marriage of Son11 December 1787William Baldwin
Death of Father22 January 1790Samuel Baldwin4
Marriage of Son13 October 1805Edward Baldwin5
Death20 April 1812William Baldwin6

Primary events

Some aspects of William Baldwin's life. What you find in the PR !! The entry after Pheobe's Chr has the following: George RANDAL a Negroe 15 years old.

Research Notes

  • Research note 02: If my theory regarding William's parents is correct, he began life as BALDING but ended it as BALDWIN. I have recently had reason to revisit this linkage, and I record the following facts to assist others in making decisions -
    * I have little that is concrete to link the William BALDING Chr in 1739 to the William BALDWIN who died in 1812, and who was the father of the 8 children with Martha.
    * I first used the balance of probability - in that (1) The DOB matches his age when buried. (2) His first tranche of children were Chr in the same church (3) One of his children is named Samuel (but this is weakened by the fact none of his daughters are named for his wife/mother) (4) he uses the names of all his siblings in the earlier names of his children (again not very strong, as cousins would all be doing the same thing). (5) When Samuel (William's brother) was Chr in 1741 the name was written BALDON, indicating (I think) that phonetic spellings were being used by the parson.
    * When Martha married Samuel in 1736, she was stated to be a widow. However, when a child she mothered was Chr in 1734, the child was 'base born'. If Martha was really a widow when the child was conceived, then the usual process for a parson to follow would be to note the fact that even though earlier married this child could not be the child of the deceased. So there is one mistake in the register, one way or the other.
    * The clincher for me was the fact that Samuel was BALDING or BALDON when his children were Chr BUT was BALDWIN when he witnessed the marriage of Sarah BAKER in 1759, and that Martha was BALDWIN when she was buried. On 2 occasions the 2 people usually known as BALDING or BALDON were named as BALDWIN.
    * Going the other way we have Rose MARTIN who married John BALDWIN in 1759 in Brooke. She was buried as BALDING in Hempnall in 1822, but her husband was buried there as BALDWIN 11 years earlier. All this indicates to me the parson was using the names interchangeably.

    A site with excellent coverage of this family is - http://baldwinsblog.weebly.com/.
  • Research note 01: It appears from the PR entries that none of William's children were literate.

Children of William Baldwin and Martha Woolsey

  • John Baldwin b. 24 Jul 1763
  • William Baldwin b. 30 Mar 1766, d. 20 Feb 1836
  • Samuel Baldwin b. 5 Mar 1769
  • Sarah Baldwin b. 9 Jun 1771, d. 20 Jul 1772
  • Mary Baldwin b. 21 Nov 1773
  • Edward Baldwin7 b. 14 Aug 1779, d. Mar 1868
  • Robert Baldwin7 b. 14 Aug 1779, d. 19 Sep 1779
  • Phoebe Baldwin7 b. 22 Apr 1782


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    Place     Hempnall
    Church     St Margarets
    BaptismDate     15 Jul 1739
    Forename     William
    Sex     M
    FatherForename     Samuel
    MotherForename     Martha
    FatherSurname     BALDING
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    Age     78
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    Place     Hempnall
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    Age     89
    Notes     Widower
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    MarriageDate     13 Oct 1805
    GroomForename     Edward
    GroomSurname     BALDWIN
    GroomParish     Shotesham All Saints
    GroomCondition     Bachelor
    GroomAbode     Shotesham All Saints
    BrideForename     Mary
    BrideSurname     FRYER
    BrideParish     Shotesham All Saints
    BrideCondition     Spinster
    BrideAbode     Shotesham All Saints
    WitnessOneForename     William
    WitnessOneSurname     ALGAR
    WitnessTwoForename     William
    WitnessTwoSurname     KERRIDGE
    Notes     By Banns. Bride And Groom And 1st Witness Made Their Marks
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    BurialDate     22 Apr 1812
    Forename     William
    Relationship     married
    Surname     BALDWIN
    Age     73
    Abode     Shotesham All Saints
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