William Lesley Patterson1

#54658, b. March 1912, d. 26 December 1942

From Sid PATTERSON Oct 2013

Individual's Timeline

Birth RegMarch 1912William Lesley Patterson1
Death of Mother1919Mary Ann Townsend2
Death26 December 1942William Lesley Patterson

Primary events

  • Birth Reg: William's birth was registered in the quarter ended in March 1912 in the Hull registration district.1
  • Death of Mother: His mother Mary Ann Townsend died in 1919.2
  • Death: William died on 26 December 1942 in ship 'King Edward', Refer to all the exhibits for a fuller story (Aged 30 years and 9 months, worked back from recorded birth date).
Some aspects of William Lesley Patterson's life. Snipped from wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convoy_ON_154

The King Edward was part of Convoy ON 154. It departed Liverpool on 18 December 1942 and was met by the Royal Canadian Navy Mid-Ocean Escort Force Group C-1, consisting of the River class destroyer HMCS St. Laurent with the Flower class corvettes HMCS Battleford, Chilliwack, Kenogami, Napanee, and Shediac. ON-154 included the convoy rescue ship Toward, the oiler Scottish Heather and the French-crewed 2456-ton Special Service Vessel HMS Fidelity (D57). Fidelity was armed with four 4-inch (10-cm) guns, four torpedo tubes and a defensive torpedo net. She carried two landing craft (LCV-752 and LCV-754), two OS2U Kingfisher float planes and Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) 105.[5]

The convoy sailed in 12 columns of three or four ships each. The convoy formation was five miles wide and 1.5 miles long. It lost 13 of its 15 freighters during the voyage.

The remaining 37 ships arrived in New York 12th Jan 1943

The convoy was attacked by the U356, Captained by Gunther RUPPELT. This U-Boat was later intercepted and sunk with all hands. Gunther's dossier on uboat.net shows that this was the first, and last, War Patrol under his command. In the 23 days they were at sea, they sunk or severely damaged 4 ships with a total tonnage of 20,700. All of them on 27th December 1942.

Locus Operandi

  • 19192
  • 1942, ship 'King Edward'

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Sid says - 'William Lesley Patterson served in the Merchant navy as an abled bodied seaman. He was lost at sea when his ship the SS King Edward was torpedoed by the U Boat 356. I have been sent an original photo of him also and details.'

    From uboat.net - crew on the Merchant Steamer 'King Edward' in 1944

         Name     Age     Rank     Served on
              Abbey, John Morgan, RN     20     Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)     King Edward +
              Altass, Arthur, Merchant Navy     59     Fireman and Trimmer     King Edward +
              Carter, Ernest, Merchant Navy     23     Fireman and Trimmer     King Edward +
              Cutter, John Conway, Merchant Navy     41     Cook     King Edward +
              Deas, David, Merchant Navy     32     Boatswain (Bosun)     King Edward +
              Dick, Louis, Merchant Navy     36     Able Seaman     King Edward +
              Drewery, Harry William, Merchant Navy     17     Cabin Boy     King Edward +
              Eggleton, Stanley Warneford, Merchant Navy     27     Greaser     King Edward +
              Ewens, James Herbert, Merchant Navy          Master     King Edward
              Farmer, Frederick, Merchant Navy     49     Fireman and Trimmer     King Edward +
              Frude, William, Merchant Navy     21     Fireman and Trimmer     King Edward +
              Heather, William Henry, Merchant Navy     56     Steward     King Edward +
              Langthorpe, David, Merchant Navy     46     Fireman and Trimmer     King Edward +
              Lyall, Gordon, Merchant Navy     45     Second Engineer Officer     King Edward +
              MacLachlan, Donald William, Merchant Navy     23     Third Radio Officer     King Edward +
              Moss, George, Merchant Navy     25     Able Seaman     King Edward +
              Newby, Harold, Merchant Navy     28     Fireman and Trimmer     King Edward +
              Patterson, William Leslie, Merchant Navy     31     Able Seaman     King Edward +
              Rhodes, Robert William Hewson, Merchant Navy     35     Donkeyman     King Edward +
              Roper, William Woof, RN     35     Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)     King Edward +
              Rowe, Charles Mark, Merchant Navy     33     Fireman and Trimmer     King Edward +
              Thorley, Percy Frederick, Merchant Navy     51     Fireman and Trimmer     King Edward +
              Wilson, John, RN     28     Petty Officer (DEMS gunner)     King Edward +.3


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