John Clowes

#57616, b. December 1842, d. 29 March 1885

Individual's Timeline

BirthDecember 1842John Clowes1
Death of Father23 June 1861William (Church) Clowes2,3
Marriagebefore 1881John Clowes
Death29 March 1885John Clowes4

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

Census details

Some aspects of John Clowes's life. In 1882 John was embroiled in a controversey regarding the conduct of Gympie chemists and access to the Free Press. In1886 he (and or his brother) sued the Loyal Unity Lodge (Medical Insurance) for payment for medicines supplied to members.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: travelled 1864.

Children of John Clowes and Emily Amelia Morrow


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    Age     55
    Abode     Stalham
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