Daniel Patterson

#13900, b. September 1870

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Birth20 July 1870Daniel Patterson1
Birth RegSeptember 1870Daniel Patterson2
Christening29 November 1870Daniel Patterson1
Marriage25 December 1892Daniel Patterson3

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Some aspects of Daniel Patterson's life. Message as received from Sid PATTERSON -

Regarding Daniel Patterson one of my G Grandfather Christmas Patterson's brothers, i believe that i have finally tracked him down.

He seems to have disappeared of the face of the earth that is until now.

From what i was always told and led to believe was that like his brother Christmas apart from a spell at being a fisherman he like his father Matthew and other family members served in the Merchant service.

From what i have researched i have discovered that Daniel served as an AB seaman and served at one time on the Allan line steamship company. This company regularly took passengers and immigrants across to Canada and the USA.

It was on one such trip whilst serving on the SS Siberian that he took part in a notable rescue in 1891 whilst taking immigrants to the USA.

I have attached an article here (see exhibits) that the New York Times published after his ship had docked there. His name is spelt wrong in the article as D Peterson. However he is our Daniel as i have managed to get copies of the documents describing the event and his award which confirms it, and also from the Royal Mint when his actual medal was ordered and delivered for presentation.

For his Gallantry in saving life in the North Atlantic Daniel was awarded the Board of Trade Bronze Sea Gallantry Medal and £2 along with other members of the crew who volunteered to man the lifeboat.
His captain being John Park was awarded the silver sea Gallantry medal for humanity in organising the rescue, although he never actually entered the lifeboat.

I have here Daniels actual medal, and i have attached photos of it for you. It is fully named around the rim with his full name and details of the rescue. I have also included a photo of the actual silver medal that was awarded to his Captain John Park which has a bow attached to it.

I am now of the firm belief that one of the reasons why i have not been able to find any more references to Daniel here, is that he decided to stay in the USA.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Not found in later census.

Family of Daniel Patterson and Louisa Elizabeth Linacre


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    Place     Great Yarmouth
    Church     St Nicholas Tr
    RegisterNumber     1633
    DateOfBirth     20 Jul 1870
    BaptismDate     29 Nov 1870
    Forename     Daniel
    Sex     -
    FatherForename     Matthew
    MotherForename     Eliza
    FatherSurname     PATTERSON
    FatherOccupation     Fisherman
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    Place     Great Yarmouth
    Church     St Nicholas
    RegisterNumber     170
    MarriageDate     25 Dec 1892
    GroomForename     Daniel
    GroomSurname     PATTERSON
    GroomAge     24
    GroomParish     Great Yarmouth
    GroomCondition     Bachelor
    GroomOccupation     Fisherman
    GroomAbode     Louise Rd
    BrideForename     Louisa Elizabeth
    BrideSurname     LINAKER
    BrideAge     26
    BrideParish     Great Yarmouth
    BrideCondition     Spinster
    BrideAbode     Louise Rd
    GroomFatherForename     Matthew
    GroomFatherSurname     PATTERSON
    GroomFatherOccupation     Tugman
    BrideFatherForename     William
    BrideFatherSurname     LINAKER
    BrideFatherOccupation     Caulker
    WitnessOneForename     Horaceb J
    WitnessOneSurname     GEDGE
    WitnessTwoForename     Charlotte
    WitnessTwoSurname     GEDGE
    Notes     Married by banns
    FileNumber     8576.
  4. Census data as per CD, Seaman, Yarmouth 11-68
    PATTERSON, Matthew, 40 hd mar Seaman (Crowes Ct) Yarmouth 11 -- 68

    PATTERSON, Eliza, 40 wf mar Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, Matthew, 19 son unm Fisherman Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, William, 17 son unm Fisherman Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, John, 15 son unm sch Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, Henry, 13 son unm sch Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, Eliza, 12 dau unm sch Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, James, 10 son unm sch Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, Samuel, 9 son Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, Amy, 6 dau Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, Richard, 4 son sch Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, Christmas, 2 son Yarmouth

    PATTERSON, Daniel, 8m son Yarmouth.
  5. Census data as per CD, Dwelling:     11 Milton Terr Tower Street
         Census Place:     Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Source:     FHL Film 1341461 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1910 Folio 118 Page 65
         Marr     Age     Sex     Birthplace
    Matthew PATTERSON     M     50      M     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Head
         Occ:     Seaman On Board Steam Tug (Nds)
    Eliza PATTERSON     M     50      F     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Wife
    Samuel PATTERSON     U     18      M     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Son
         Occ:     Fisherman
    Robert PATTERSON     U     16      M     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Son
         Occ:     Twine Spinner
    Amy PATTERSON     U     15      F     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Daur
    Richard PATTERSON           12      M     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Son
         Occ:     Scholar
    Christmas PATTERSON           11      M     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Son
         Occ:     Scholar
    Daniel PATTERSON           10      M     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Son
         Occ:     Scholar
    Charlotte PATTERSON           9      F     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Daur
         Occ:     Scholar
    Joseph PATTERSON           4      M     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
         Rel:     Son
         Occ:     Scholar.