William Teasdale King1

#13969, b. 29 April 1840, d. 21 July 1913

Individual's Timeline

Birth29 April 1840William Teasdale King3
Marriage19 November 1864William Teasdale King4,5,1,3
Marriage1 December 1867William Postle6
Marriage of Daughter23 August 1886Martha King7,8
Marriage of Daughter7 January 1890Mary Ann King9,10
Death of Mother12 May 1894Elizabeth Larn King11,3
Marriage of DaughterDecember 1897Alice Caroline King12
Marriage of Son25 April 1899William George King3,13
Death20 July 1913William Teasdale King
Death Reg21 July 1913William Teasdale King14,15

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Secondary circumstances

Census details

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: The 1911 census shows him as being born in Cantley. His wife Martha and 2 children Arthur and George were together, so I know we have the correct family.
    * I checked Freebmd and there are NO birth registrations for Blofield (the Reg Dist for Cantley) from 1837 until 1841. There was, however, a christening in Cantley for a William - November 29th 1840, son of John and Mary. John was a shoemaker. I am now going to research this family to see what turns up.
    * The original Marriage certificate shows than when William and Martha married the father stated for William was William a Maltster, so this goes some way to confirm that we have the correct William.
    * The 1901 shows a birthplace for William in Great Yarmouth, not Cantley
    * 1891 census original still to be checked
    * 1881 census shows Great Yarmouth as the birthplace for William
    * 1871 census shows Great Yarmouth as the birthplace for William
    * Not found in 1861 census
    * 1851 census shows a birthplace of Great Yarmouth. William is with his parents William and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's parents John and Sarah TEADSELL. HOWEVER, William's father William's occupation is Mariner NOT Maltster as stated on the KING/POSTLE marriage record.
    * 1841 Shows the 1 year old William with his parents William and Elizabeth living with John and Sarah TEASDELL.
    * NONE of the records reviewed so far have shown William using the middle name of Teasdale.
    * When William married he could not sign his name, but it looks as if he filled in the 1911 census form himself.
    * In summary, we have a marriage certificate that shows a father of William BUT an occupation of the father the same as John NOT William. To prove/disprove we need to find a record of a William born in Cantley/Limpenhoe in records later than 1864 when William married Martha.
    - Why would William says his father's name was William if it was John - Take the fact that Matha's name is PARCEL when we know it was POSTLE, maybe the parson was not all that careful.
    - Why would William says he was born in Yarmouth for every census until 1911 when he said he was born in Cantley - Remember that this is the first census filled out by the emunerated and not the enumerator..

Children of William Teasdale King and Martha Postle


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