Frederick Traugott Fankhauser1

#19805, b. 1849, d. 19 June 1918

Individual's Timeline

Birth1849Frederick Traugott Fankhauser1
EmigratAUbetween 1849 and 1850Frederick Traugott Fankhauser2
Marriage1874Frederick Traugott Fankhauser3
Death of Father16 November 1882Johannas Gotthard Fankhauser4,5
Death of Mother20 July 1894Elizabeth Geisler6,5
Marriage of Son1903Frederick John Fankhauser7
Marriage of Son21 June 1907Herbert William Fankhauser8
Marriage of Son1908Oswald Traugott Fankhauser9
Marriage of Son1912Phillip Arthur Fankhauser10
Death19 June 1918Frederick Traugott Fankhauser11

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • EmigratAU: Frederick Traugott Fankhauser emigrated to Australia between 1849 and 1850 in the ship 'Briefeshanf' from Germany.2
  • Naturalization: He was naturalized on 21 September 1909 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Some aspects of Frederick Traugott Fankhauser's life. His 1909 Naturalization papers show that he arrived in Australia about 1850 on board the Briefeslanf from Haberg to Sandridge (now Port Melbourne). Since arriving he had spent 12 years in hawthorn, 4 years in melbourne and 48 years in Balwyn. He was married and living with his wife, and they had produced 9 chilren, all now residing in Victoria. The JP who signed the application was John Butler MALING, who was the father of Mrs Elizabeth Emily FANKHAUSER, the wife of Fredreick's nephew.12
Brushes with the LAW

Will of Frederick Fankhauser - Matters arising under the will of Frederick Traugott Fankhauser of Balwyn road, Balwyn, who died on June 19, 1918, came before Mr. Justice Mann, in the Practice Court yesterday, for determination by consent. Probate of the will was granted to the widow (Mrs. Elizabeth Fankhauser), and to Frederick John and Oswald Traugott Fankhauser (sons), and Bertha Grace Nisbet (a daughter). Mr Fankhauser left 12 children, and his estate (which consisted, principally of land at Balwyn, Burwood, Camberwell, and Canterbury), was valued at the time of his death at £4,211. The estate at the present time is valued at between £10,000 and. £12,000.

By his will, Mr. Fankhauscr gave a life estate in all his property to his widow, and there was a direction that, on her death, the property should be sold and divided in substance equally among his children. The children are all adults. In 1923 the parties agreed to sell the lands in subdivisional allotments and upon certain reserve prices. It was afterwards found that those prices could not be readily obtained, and only a small portion of the allotments was sold. ln 1925 the widow, as tenant for life, took out an originating summons under the Settled Estates Act for the purpose of having a sale by order of the Court at prices to be fixed by the chief clerk of the Supreme Court. The matter came before Mr. Justice Cussen in November, 1925. Mr. Justice Cussen made certain formal declarations regarding life tenancy and other matters; but he declined to make any order on sale of the lands. The summons was adjourned for one year, with a view to giving the parties an opportunity to agree. A few weeks ago the matter was brought on again before Mr. Justice Macfarlan, who made an order with reference to the payment of rates on the subdivided land, and then further adjourned the summons.

When the matter was mentioned to Mr. Justice Mann yesterday, Mr. A. H. Davis (for the widow) said that, as the parties had been unable to agree upon reserve prices for the land, it was proposed that a trustee company and the life tenant (the widow) should be appointed the trustees of the settlement under the act. The three children named (two sons and a daughter) had consented to retire from the position of trustees of the settlement.

The order of Mr. Justice Cussen not having been drawn up or signed, Mr. Justice Mann made an order by consent that the Equ¡ty Trustee Company and the widow should be appointed trustees of the settlement. He gave, further directions for the purpose of giving effect to this order, and directed that the costa of the proceedings should be paid out of the corpus of the estate.

Mr. A. H. Davis (instructed by Messrs. Strongman and Crouch) appeared for the widow; Mr. Gregory (instructed by Mr. P. J.Russcll) for the two sons and the daughter named; and Mr. Burgess (instructed by Messrs. Maddock, Jamieson, and Lonie) for Arthur Philip Fankhauser, who was sued on behalf of the persons entitles in remainder, other than the three defendants to the summons represented by Mr. Gregory.13

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Research Notes

  • Research note 01: It appears to me that the land occupied by Fred and Elizabeth was subdivided at about the time of Elizabeth's death. If anyone is directly descended from this couple there may be lots to find out from land titles and such.

Children of Frederick Traugott Fankhauser and Elizabeth Sell

  • Frederick John Fankhauser1 b. 1875, d. 23 May 1952
  • Edith Elizabeth Fankhauser14 b. 1877, d. 19 May 1959
  • Sarah Bethanar Fankhauser1 b. 1878, d. 1882
  • Herbert William Fankhauser1 b. 1880, d. 1955
  • Oswald Traugott Fankhauser1 b. 1882
  • Gertrude Theresa Fankhauser1 b. 1885
  • Phillip Arthur Fankhauser1 b. 1886, d. 3 Aug 1968
  • Edmond Charles Fankhauser+ b. 1888, d. 15 Jul 1979
  • Bertha Grace Fankhauser b. 1890
  • Theodore Victor Fankhauser15 b. 1895, d. 22 Nov 1962


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