Ann White

#19881, b. 1771, d. 20 December 1820

Individual's Timeline

Birth1771Ann White
EmigratAU1791Ann White
Marriagebetween 1791 and 1804Ann White
Marriage1800Ann White1
Marriage14 March 1814Ann White2
Death20 December 1820Ann White3,4

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • EmigratAU: Ann White emigrated to Australia in 1791 in ship 'Neptune' from England. Ann White was convicted at the Old Bailey, London on 28 October 1789 for supposedly stealing four yards of printed cotton. She was transported forseven years, arriving in Sydney on the " Neptune" on 28 June 1790.
  • Married Name: Her married name was Scott.
  • Married Name: Her married name was Murray.1
  • Journey: She and Richard Sydes traveled to in Port Dalrymple, Tasmania, Australia, arriving 20 January 1813 on the ship 'Lady Nelson' This was part of the organised abandonment of Norfolk Island.5
  • Married Name: Her married name was Sydes.
Some aspects of Ann White's life. The story below indicates that Ann's father was most likely Richard Sydes a convict. I found this on

" Family background of Margaret Sydes. Blacksmith Richard Sydes had been transported for 14 years on the "Ganges", arriving in Sydney in1797. Margaret's mother, Ann White, had been transported to Sydney for theft of a bolt of cotton, arriving in 1791 on the"Neptune". Ann White is thought to have born a child [which died in infancy] to a sailor named Scott. Sent to Norfolk Island by 1799, Ann in the next few years gave birth to children of Kennedy Murray. By 1804 she was living with Richard Sydes and bore more children. In 1813 the Sydes family moved to Port Dalrymple, where Richard took the Government post of Superintendent of Blacksmiths at 50 pounds per year. In 1814 Richard and Ann were legally married, and Margaret Sydes wasborn in 1815. Her mother Ann died in 1820.

Some aspects of Ann White's life. Ann had 3 children with Kennedy MURRAY before taking up with Richard SYDES.

1. Kennedy MURRAY, b. 4 Aug 1799, Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
2. Elizabeth MURRAY, b. 20 Mar 1802, Norfolk Island, Australia
3. Sarah MURRAY, b. 1804, Norfolk Island, Australia.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: The Parish register names her as 'formerly SCOTT when Thomas and Ann were Chr in 1814. These Chrs were two of many on the same day. They appear to have been done when Rev Knopwood was travelling to outlying areas.

Child of Ann White and Richard Scott

  • Elizabeth Ann Scott6 b. 1791, d. 1791

Children of Ann White and Kennedy Murray

  • John Murray1 b. 1798
  • Kennedy Murray1 b. 1800
  • Elizabeth Murray1 b. 1802, d. Sep 1817
  • Mary Ann Sydes1 b. 30 Oct 1804, d. 9 Apr 1873

Children of Ann White and Richard Sydes

  • John White Sydes7 b. 1806
  • Ann Sydes b. 1807, d. 26 Apr 1838
  • Margaret Sydes b. 1811, d. 1881
  • Thomas Sydes+ b. 9 Jan 1811, d. 2 Sep 1872


  1. Max Chugg, "eMail from Max Chugg Tasmania," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, various, Ann became the wife of Kennedy Murray after 1795, and in 1798 a John White is born, presumably the son of Kennedy Murray who becomes Ann's husband in 1800.
  2. Tas Marriages 1803-1830, online, Entry 161.
  3. Max Chugg, "eMail from Max Chugg Tasmania," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, various, Richard and Ann are married at St Johns on 14/3/1814, and Richard, Thomas and Ann are baptised. Ann White dies on 20/12/1820.
  4. Website ( "
    Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Ann Sydes
    Name:      Ann Sydes
    Death Date:      21 Dec 1820
    Death Place:      Tasmania
    Mother's name:      Richard
    Registration Year:      1820
    Registration Place:      Launceston, Tasmania
    Registration Number:      466."
  5. Max Chugg, "eMail from Max Chugg Tasmania," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, various, On 20 January 1813 the Sydes family moves to Port Dalrymple on the "Lady Nelson"

    They travel on the following passes.:

    Pass 14 Richard Sydes

    Pass 15 Ann White

    Pass 16 Kenndy White - age 13

    Pass 17 Elizabeth White - age 11

    Pass 18 Mary Ann White - age 8

    Pass 19 John White - age 7

    Pass 20 Thomas White - age 2.
  6. Max Chugg, "eMail from Max Chugg Tasmania," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, various, Upon arrival at Port Jackson she is the wife of Richard Scott. In 1791 the daughter of Ann and Richard, Elizabeth Ann is born, but she dies and is buried at Port Jackson.
  7. Max Chugg, "eMail from Max Chugg Tasmania," e-mail to Shirley Elrick, various, In February 1805 Ann's sentence expires. Why it took 14 years to expire when it was originally 7 years is not known. In that year Ann and three of the children fathered by Kennedy Murray, Kennedy, Elizabeth and Mary are taken off stores. In this year Ann becomes the sife of Richard Sydes and in 1806 John White is born.