Joseph Larn1

#20946, b. 24 June 1825, d. March 1882

Individual's Timeline

Birth1825Joseph Larn1
Christening24 June 1825Joseph Larn2
Death of Father15 August 1833Samuel Larn3
Marriage16 May 1847Joseph Larn4,5
Death RegDecember 1861Elizabeth Vincent6
Marriage20 May 1865Joseph Larn7,8
Marriage of Daughter9 October 1870Harriett Larn9
Marriage of Daughter17 February 1872Caroline Larn Vincent10
Marriage of Son16 September 1878Edward Henry Larn11,12,13
Death RegMarch 1882Joseph Larn14

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Joseph was a gardner.

Census details

Children of Joseph Larn and Elizabeth Vincent

Child of Joseph Larn and Esther Lamond


  1. BDM, British Isles Vital Record CD, FHL Film 1526328.          
  2. BDM, British Isles Vital Record CD, LEARN, Joseph     Christening
         Gender:     Male
         Christening Date:     24 Jun 1825     Recorded in:     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
                   Collection:     St Nicholas
         Father:     Samuel LEARN
         Mother:     Sarah
    Source:     FHL Film 1526328     Dates:     1769 - 1833.     
  3. Website ( "Name:     Samuel Larne
    Age:     66
    Birth Year:     abt 1767
    Burial Date:     21 Aug 1833
    Burial Place:     Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
    Parish as it Appears:     Great Yarmouth
    Search Photos:     Search for 'Great Yarmouth' in the UK City, Town and Village Photos collection
    Phillimore Ecclesiastical Parish Map:     
    View this parish."
  4. BDM, British Isles Vital Record CD, LARN, Joseph               Marriage
         Wife:     Elizabeth VINCENT          
         Marriage Date:     16 May 1847     Recorded in:     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
                   Collection:     St Nicholas
         Husband's Father:     Samuel LARN
         Wife's Father:     William VINCENT
    Source:     FHL Film 1526456     Dates:     1847 - 1851.          
  5. Free parish registers, online,      Norfolk
    Place     Great Yarmouth
    Church     St Nicholas
    RegisterNumber     457
    MarriageDate     16 May 1847
    GroomForename     Joseph
    GroomSurname     LARN
    GroomCondition     Bachelor
    GroomOccupation     Gardener
    GroomAbode     Row
    BrideForename     Elizabeth
    BrideSurname     VINCENT
    BrideCondition     Spinster
    BrideAbode     Market Gates
    GroomFatherForename     Samuel
    GroomFatherSurname     LARN
    GroomFatherOccupation     Beachman
    BrideFatherForename     William
    BrideFatherSurname     VINCENT
    BrideFatherOccupation     Twine Spinner
    WitnessOneForename     Henry
    WitnessOneSurname     LARN
    WitnessTwoForename     Caroline
    WitnessTwoSurname     VINCENT
    Notes     He signs X She signs X
    FileNumber     26994.
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  7. BDM, British Isles Vital Record CD, LARN, Joseph     Age:     39     Marriage
         Wife:     Esther BIRD     Age:     39
         Marriage Date:     20 May 1865     Recorded in:     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
                   Collection:     St Nicholas
              Husband previously married
              Wife previously married
         Husband's Father:     Samuel LARN
         Wife's Father:     Angus LAMOND.
  8. Free parish registers, online,      Norfolk
    Place     Great Yarmouth
    Church     St. Nicholas
    RegisterNumber     149
    MarriageDate     20 May 1865
    GroomForename     Joseph
    GroomSurname     LARN
    GroomAge     39
    GroomCondition     Widower
    GroomOccupation     Gardener
    GroomAbode     L.I. Corner
    BrideForename     Esther
    BrideSurname     BIRD
    BrideAge     39
    BrideCondition     Widow
    BrideAbode     Apollo Walk
    GroomFatherForename     Samuel
    GroomFatherSurname     LARN
    GroomFatherOccupation     Sailor
    BrideFatherForename     Angus
    BrideFatherSurname     LAMOND
    BrideFatherOccupation     Soldier
    WitnessOneForename     A
    WitnessOneSurname     BUSH?
    WitnessTwoForename     Jane
    WitnessTwoSurname     CUBITT
    Notes     Groom, witness 2 signed by mark.
    FileNumber     18837.
  9. Free parish registers, online,      Norfolk
    Place     Great Yarmouth
    Church     St Nicholas
    RegisterNumber     342
    MarriageDate     09 Oct 1870
    GroomForename     William
    GroomSurname     AYERS
    GroomAge     21
    GroomParish     Great Yarmouth
    GroomCondition     Bachelor
    GroomOccupation     Sailor
    GroomAbode     Row
    BrideForename     Harriet
    BrideSurname     LARN
    BrideAge     19
    BrideParish     Great Yarmouth
    BrideCondition     Spinster
    BrideAbode     Row
    GroomFatherForename     James
    GroomFatherSurname     AYERS
    GroomFatherOccupation     Labourer
    BrideFatherForename     Joseph
    BrideFatherSurname     LARN
    BrideFatherOccupation     Gardener
    WitnessOneForename     Joseph
    WitnessOneSurname     ROUSE
    WitnessTwoForename     Jane
    WitnessTwoSurname     COBMAN
    Notes     X His Mark X Her Mark
    FileNumber     14520.
  10. Free parish registers, online, County      Norfolk
    Place      Great Yarmouth
    Church name      St Nicholas
    Register type      Unspecified
    Register entry number      287
    Marriage date      17 Feb 1872
    Groom forename      Edward
    Groom surname      MOORE
    Groom age      27
    Groom condition      Bachelor
    Groom abode      Tower Rd
    Groom parish      Great Yarmouth
    Groom occupation      Fisherman
    Bride forename      Caroline Larn
    Bride surname      VINCE
    Bride age      26
    Bride condition      Spinster
    Bride abode      Tower Rd
    Bride parish      Great Yarmouth
    Groom father forename      Charles
    Groom father surname      MOORE
    Groom father occupation      Tailor
    Witness1 forename      Edward John
    Witness1 surname      SUPSON
    Witness2 forename      Hannah
    Witness2 surname      SPENCE
    Notes      X Her Mark.
  11. Free parish registers, online,      Norfolk
    Place     Great Yarmouth
    Church     St Nicholas
    RegisterNumber     292
    MarriageDate     16 Sep 1878
    GroomForename     Edward Henry
    GroomSurname     LARN
    GroomAge     20
    GroomCondition     Bachelor
    GroomOccupation     Cooper
    GroomAbode     Row
    BrideForename     Louisa Charlotte
    BrideSurname     BITTEN
    BrideAge     20
    BrideCondition     Spinster
    BrideAbode     Apollo Walk
    GroomFatherForename     Joseph
    GroomFatherSurname     LARN
    GroomFatherOccupation     Gardener
    BrideFatherForename     Lorris
    BrideFatherSurname     BITTEN
    BrideFatherOccupation     Sailor
    WitnessOneForename     Edward John
    WitnessOneSurname     LUPSON
    WitnessTwoForename     Charlotte
    WitnessTwoSurname     PRESTON.
  12. BDM, British Isles Vital Record CD, LARN, Edward Henry     Age:     20     Marriage
         Wife:     Louisa Charlotte BITTIN     Age:     20
         Marriage Date:     16 Sep 1878     Recorded in:     Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
                   Collection:     St Nicholas
         Husband's Father:     Joseph LARN
         Wife's Father:     Lewis BITTIN
    Source:     FHL Film 1526458     Dates:     1877 - 1886.
  13. Website ( "Name:      Edward Henry Larn
    Gender:      Male
    Birth Date:      abt 1858
    Age:      20
    Father's Name:      Joseph Larn
    Spouse's Name:      Louisa Charlotte Bittin
    Spouse's Age:      20
    Spouse's Father's Name:      Lewis Bittin
    Marriage Date:      16 Sep 1878
    Marriage Place:      Yarmouth, Norfolk, England."
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  15. Free parish registers, online,      Norfolk
    Place     Great Yarmouth
    Church     St Nicholas
    RegisterNumber     1206
    BurialDate     26 Jan 1882
    Forename     Joseph
    Surname     LARN
    Age     56
    Abode     Row
    FileNumber     2948.
  16. BDM, British Isles Vital Record CD, Source:     FHL Film 1526458.