Shirley Helen Ada Jackson

#1133, b. 15 April 1947

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Birth15 April 1947Shirley Helen Ada Jackson1
Marriage8 June 1968Shirley Helen Ada Jackson

Primary events

  • Birth: Shirley Helen Ada Jackson was born on 15 April 1947 in 37 St Julian Road, Caister-on-sea, Norfolk, England, A bit of local history

    Caister Castle can be found in Norfolk, England, near Great Yarmouth. We visited this castle on our way to Great Yarmouth and found it quite interesting. Caister is more like a fortified manor home, than it is a castle. It was still built with a castle license though, and therefore is known as a castle. To build a castle, one had to have a 'License to Crenellate', which is defined as the Crown's permission to fortify an existing manor house, or build a new castle. Crenellations, or 'crennels' as they are also known are the battlements found atop of many castles- they look like teeth, with the openings called 'embrassures', and the stone called 'merlons'. They were used to hind behind, and fire between when the castle was under fire.
    Caister was built in 1432 by Sir John Falstaff, under the reign of Henry VI (1422-60), who granted only 5 such licenses, with Caister being one of them. The most interesting thing about Caister is the fact that it is built out of Brick, and is one of the very few to be built that way. The entire castle was moated, and as one can see from the picture, well defended with gunports.

    As can be seen from the above map, the castle consisted of two rectangular courtyards, known as the Inner court, and the Outer court. Both were surrounded by the moat, and connected via a drawbridge across the moat. The Inner court contained all the state apartments and the main living quarters including: wardrobe, chapel, two halls, kitchen, larder, cellar, pantry, armoury, brewery, bakery, stables, and various stores. The Inner Court was offset by a tall slender tower on the North-west side of the inner court. this tower stands 90 ft high, and is 25 ft in diameter. There are five stories within this tower, and the spiral staircase still exists today, making it possible to ascend the tower to the top, affording a beautiful view of the castle ruins and surrounding grounds.

    Defensive History of Caister Castle

    Caister wasn't the strongest of castles because of it's brick walls. But then again, being that it was more of a fortified manor than the traditional defensive stronghold, it wasn't meant to be as strong- just defensible if needed. And it was- the moat alone afforded the castle good protection from potential beseigers. The brick walls were also quite thick- between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet thick throughout the castle.
    Having said all this, attacks against the castle were rare- infact up until 1468- it seems that there were none at all. The castle was actually taken by seige in 1469, ten years after the death of Fastolfe, by a reported 3000 men (against 30 from the castle!). The seige was commanded by the Duke of Norfolk, who believed that it was he who was entitled to Caister, and not the new owner- a man by the name of John Paston. The seige lasted 5 weeks before the defenders surrendered, and the Duke moved in, and stayed there until 1475, when the castle was returned to it's rightful owners.

    Caister Castle is located 1 mile west of Caister-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth.1
  • Marriage: She married Alan Stanley Elrick, son of Edward Stanley Elrick and Thyra Mavis Walpole, on Saturday, 8 June 1968 in St Mark's Church, Sunshine, Victoria, Australia, when they were 29 years, 4 months and 4 days ~&~ 21 years, 1 month and 24 days old.

Secondary circumstances

  • Married Name: Her married name was Elrick.
  • (Witness) Residence: Shirley Helen Ada Jackson lived with Geoffrey Earle Jackson and Helen Russell in 1957.
  • Immigration: In September 1957Shirley Helen Ada Jackson emigrated from Description: on Fairstar, which docked in Sydney.
  • Residence: In November 1959 Shirley Helen Ada lived in Deer Park Caravan Park, Deer Park, Victoria, Australia.
  • Nationalty: The nationality of Shirley Helen Ada Jackson was changed from British to Australian.

Child of Shirley Helen Ada Jackson and Alan Stanley Elrick


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