Maria "Polly" Base1

#1164, b. 5 March 1865, d. 16 February 1955

Individual's Timeline

Birth5 March 1865Maria "Polly" Base2,3
Marriage2 March 1891Maria "Polly" Base3
Death of Father28 January 1902John Base4
Death of Mother27 April 1916Maria Base2,5,3
Marriage of DaughterJune 1917Edith Florence Blake1,6
Marriage of Son26 December 1923Frederick George William 'Porky' Blake1,3
Marriage of SonDecember 1924Reginald Arthur Blake7,1
Marriage of DaughterDecember 1930May Grace Gertrude Laura Blake8,1
Death25 February 1937Herbert George Blake9
19391939Maria "Polly" Base10
Death16 February 1955Maria Blake11
Probate23 February 1959Maria "Polly" Base

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Brushes with the LAW

Court case between Thomas CANHAM and his son Herbert and Christmas PATTERSON the Crimea War veteran. The 74 year old Christmas was accused by Thomas of attacking his 7 year old son, and of chasing him. Case was dismissed, not least because it was thought a 74 year old could never catch a 7 year old.

When I was looking up the players I discovered another link between the BLAKE family and the BEALES family. Tenuous, but fascinating to those of us who understand the big differences between the 2 families of my mother and her second husband. Back in the 50's when they married, anyway. The cultural circumstances of today have, thank God, removed these 'class differences'. Unfortunately they have been replaced by 'race differences', but I expect that in 60 more years, these will have been replaced by something else.....Too much to hope that all differences would disappear. It looks to me humans need some sort of difference to hang their hats on.

Christmas PATTERSON the Crimea War vet is the 2 x Great Uncle of my step father Basil BEALES

Herbert Thomas CANHAM was in the Sefton Arms with his father Thomas, the publican and mother Leah in 1901. Thomas the landlord of the Sefton Arms is the brother of Sarah Maria who married John BASE in 1886. John BASE was the brother of Maria BASE who married Herbert George BLAKE in 1891. Herbert and Maria are my GGP, parents of Porky BLAKE the Yarmouth butcher (my Grandad who I lived with for my first 5 years). This is link between the BEALES family and the BLAKE family, alluded to above. None of which were ever considered even an outside possibility by the 2 families back in 1950s when my mother BLAKE married my step father BEALES....

John PATTERSON - not found in my database, so I looked him up in the 1901 census. There is only 1 likely candidate, and he is John Danby PATTERSON, son of a Truant Officer named Arthur Henry PATTERSON born 1858 in Great Yarmouth. They were living 273 Southtown Road (round the corner from Sefton Road, the CANHAMs are about 4 pages away in the census).

Arthur Henry is also not in my database - There is NO Arthur Henry PATTERSON in the birth registrations in Yarmouth, but there is a Henry Arthur PATTERSON registered Dec 1857. This little chap was Chr in the Primitive Methodists, son of William and Mary Ann PATTERSON. HIM I DO HAVE.

Father William was a Prudential Insurance Agent who died in 1909. I have them in the database, but as far as I can tell he is NOT a relation of any of the PATTERSONs who are related to my stepfather and/or Christmas. Top of William's tree is James PATTERSON a shoemaker born in Norwich 1786. Even if there turns out to be a connection further up the tree, the protagonists in this drama would never have been aware of it.

A F CLOWES lawyer. Also in my database as Albert Frank. Born in Yarmouth 1865, long line of Solicitors and Drs. He was struck off in 1914 for Professional Misconduct.

Owned - the Queen Alexandria. She was (as YH546) a trawler - Steam screw; coal burner. Sails fore and aft. She transferred from his ownership and from Yarmouth to Mitford before 1905. A photo and more details are at -

Way back this CLOWES family owned Caister Castle. One married my 2x Great Aunt Charlotte BASE. Charlotte is ALSO a sister of John and Maria BELL. Charlotte CLOWES (nee BASE) came to Australia and is the grandmother of my famous cousin Cyril CLOWES the senior army man who was the head of the first army group to defeat the Japanese on land in the pacific. He was in the front line, not making tea back at base.

I am blood related cousin to Cyril, but not to solicitor CLOWES. I am related to Cyril and Albert is related to Cyril, but we are not related to each other.

BUT----as I read it, Albert Frank appeared for the defendant Christmas PATTERSON, and therefore against the 2 Canham claimants, but was somehow related to the CANHAMs by marriage.

CLOWES and Caister Castle. The 'castle' (called this because the roof was castellated) was built by Falstaff - the man who Shakespeare wrote about. It was against the law to build castellated houses, as the King thought that you, as the castle owner, could defend yourself against his men if he ever wanted to 'bring you to London'. This was of course in the time of dissension around who was going to sit on throne and who was not. But Falstaff was such a military hero he seems to have got away with it.

Falstaff had no children and the PASTON (of the letters) family got custody of the castle. The letters are worth the effort to read, being the first domestic letters - written by a married couple to each other, hubby in London doing business and somehow in Court Circles, and wife in Caister looking after the farm, the kids, the servants and the castle.

The PASTON'S castle became the CLOWES' via a female inheritance. Somewhere a PASTON woman married a CLOWES man.

Children of Maria "Polly" Base and Herbert George Blake


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    First name(s)      Last name(s)      DOB      Sex      Occupation      Marital status      Schedule      Schedule Sub Number      
         Marie      Blake      05 Mar 1871      Female      Unpaid Domestic Duties      Widowed      219      1      

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