Laura Damaris Elizabeth Blake

#1168, b. 18 March 1879, d. 18 January 1969

Laura BLAKE with Ada KING and Shirley JACKSON - taken about 1951 in St Julian Terrance Caister

Individual's Timeline

Birth18 March 1879Laura Damaris Elizabeth Blake1
Death of Mother26 March 1879Rebecca Elizabeth Blake2,1
Death2 March 1921William Blake2,1
19391939Laura Damaris Elizabeth Blake
Death18 January 1969Laura Damaris Elizabeth Blake2

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Laura was Housekeeper to a widower who had 3 young boys.

Census details

Some aspects of Laura Damaris Elizabeth Blake's life. Laura's Prayer.

Not more of sight we ask, O God,
but eyes to see what is.

Not sweeter songs,
but ears to hear the present tunes of bliss.

Not greater strength,
but how to use the power that we possess.

Not more of love,
but skill to turn a frown to a caress.

Not more of joy,
but how to feel its kindling presence near.

To give to others all we have
of courage and of cheer.

No other gift, Dear Lord, we ask,
but only sense to see.

How best to use the precious gifts
we have received from Thee.

Give us the heart to demonstrate
all Holy joys to show

To be the friends we wish to be,
to share the truth we know.

To love the pure,
to seek the good,
to fight with all our might.

That all souls can dwell in harmony,
In freedoms perfect light.

This was a flimsy paper in Laura's handwriting that was a little difficult to read. I had to guess at a couple of words and have edited it just a little, but without changing any of the meanings or sentiments.

Some aspects of Laura Damaris Elizabeth Blake's life. Laura was brought up by her Grandparents after her mother died only 8 days after she was born. My memories of her are from the first 5 years of my life when I lived with my Nanny and Granddad and their adult children at 37 St Julian Road, Caister. Aunt Laura used to visit Nanny and me every Wednesday. I think everyone else would have been at work. She stayed all day, and we would watch Bill and Ben together on the TV. This was about 1950. I loved both of these people. Still do, when I come to think about it.2

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: on 3rd October 1851, Laura Damaris ANDREWS was Christened in Topcroft. Her father was the publican of the Hare and Hounds. Her mother was his second wife, Hanny nee HURRY.

    George had a brother William who married Hagar Mahala CUNNINGHAM. Hagar was a witness at the marriage of George and Hannah

    Hagar is the sister of Elizabeth Hepzibah CUNNINGHAM who married Robert Last EVERRETT who our 3rd Great Grandparents.

    Our Laura Damaris Elizabeth must surely have been named after Laura Damaris ANDREWS (or a child of hers)?

    This is 'important' only in the context of Laura being with the HAZELLS

    I have not worked it out exactly, as there are a couple of marriages between ANDREWS and ANDREWS (cousins) in Topcroft, meaning the links get complicated..
  • Research note 01: Laura was listed as THIS William BLAKE's daughter. The census says this William BLAKE was born in DISS so is the son of William and Honor NOT the son of the William and Elizabeth buried in the grave Laura said was her Grandparents. We should see if they were in fact her great aunt and uncle in some way

    One point to note is that the William who is buried in Yarmouth cemetery died in 1870, which is before Laura was born, so they could not be the people who brought her up. Elizabeth lived for 20 years in the rows as a fish, then a general, dealer.

    In 1891 the 12 year old Laura was living with her 24 year old brother Herbert and his wife Maria and her father in Caister. Again her father is the William born in Diss.

    We do not know who Laura lived with from 1881 (when she was 2 and was with her father in Lower Cliff Road. Both were listed as 'visitors' with Susannah NURSE) and 1891, nor for the 10 years after 1891.

    Laura did not have any occupation in 1891 nor 1901 census. Her father and Herbert her brother were both listed as millers..
  • Research note 02: The widower and his children who Laura worked for in Woodton.
    * Alfred R HAZELL married Lucy M MIDDLETON Dec qtr 1928. They had 5 children
    * 1. Joy I HAZELL Mar qtr 1929 (died same qtr)
    * 2. Reginald D J HAZELL Sep qtr 1930 (married Margaret BARBER Jun qtr 1955 in Depwade District) Children - Gordon J HAZELL Dec qtr 1955 Depwade, Andrew R HAZELL Dec qtr 1958 Depwade
    * 3. Alvin C HAZELL Jun qtr 1932 (married Lorna C TYRELL Mar qtr 1955 in Lothingland – no births found)
    * 4. Mervyn D HAZELL Mar qtr 1934 (died aged 9?)
    * 5. Patrick A HAZELL Jun qtr 1935 (death not found) (May have married Margaret PALMER in Islington Mar qtr 1962) Children - Andrew John HAZELL Dec qtr 1966; Lee Paul HAZELL Sep qtr 1968 and Dawn Michelle HAZELL Mar qtr 1970, all Islington
    * Lucy died at the age of 28 in Norwich Dec qtr 1936, and Alfred died in Norwich Jun qtr 1969. In 1936 Laura was 57 and Alfred was 30..


  1. Copies of original certificates and docs.
  2. Letter, Jean Eastoe to Shirley Elrick, 11/4/1999.