Thyra Mavis Walpole

#1175, b. 18 May 1909, d. 8 March 1988

Small world - In 1936 Thyra and Ted ELRICK, my Husband Alan's parents, were living in Beauty Point, Tasmania. In 1820 or so, my ancestor John PURCELL was born in George Town, on the opposite bank of the Tamar. He was the child of one of the soldiers sent to 'take care of' the convicts. John returned to England with his parents, having no further connection to Australia. Then in 1968 I married Alan, making what I think of as a circle of circumstances. One day my grandchildren may stand on one bank of the Tamar, look over to the other, and consider all the myriads of decisions and chance meetings that wove around the world that ended with 'them'. In my mind's eye I can see Madison on one shore, Sam on the other, at night, with torches. One torch shining into the other, symbolically closing the loop.

I say ended - but of course, life goes on and on and on. The possibilities are endless.

Individual's Timeline

Birth18 May 1909Thyra Mavis Walpole1,2
Marriage15 July 1928Thyra Mavis Walpole3
Death of Father25 November 1936Robert Walpole4
Death27 July 1967Edward Stanley Elrick
Marriage of Son8 June 1968Alan Stanley Elrick
Death of MotherOctober 1968Mary Ann Walpole
Death8 March 1988Thyra Mavis Elrick

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • Married Name: Her married name was Elrick.

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Children of Thyra Mavis Walpole and Edward Stanley Elrick


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    Mother/Spouse Given Names: Mary Ann WALPOLE nee Wilkins
    Date: 1909-05-18
    Sex: F
    Place: York Street LAUNCESTON
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