George Wickam Chugg

#1223, b. 4 January 1877, d. 1967

Individual's Timeline

Birth4 January 1877George Wickam Chugg1
Birth RegMarch 1877George Wickam Chugg2,3
EmigratAU16 January 1882George Marion Chugg4,5
Marriage1908George Wickam Chugg6
Death of Father21 June 1926George Marion Chugg7,8
Death of Mother1933Harriet Chugg9,10
Death1967George Wickam Chugg11

Primary events

  • Birth: George Wickam Chugg was born on 4 January 1877 in Brighton, Sussex, England.1
  • Birth Reg: George's birth was registered in the quarter ended in March 1877 in the Steyning, Brighton registration district.2,3
  • Marriage: He married Violet Amelia Sayce, daughter of Charles Frederick Sayce and Mary Ella Ford, in 1908 in Victoria, Australia, when they were 30 years ~&~ 24 years old. most likely Violet was born in England - see known error in database which lists England as the place of marriage.

    Name: CHUGG - Geo Wickham
    Event Type: Marriage Sex:
    Age: - Place: ENG
    Year: 1908 Reg. Number: 499
    Father: -
    Mother: -
    Spouse: SAYCE - Violet Amelia.6
  • Death of Father: His father George Marion Chugg died on 21 June 1926 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia.7,8
  • Death of Mother: His mother Harriet Chugg died in 1933 in Mitcham, Victoria, Australia.9,10
  • Death: George died in 1967 in Box Hill, Victoria, Australia, (Aged 89 years, worked back from recorded birth date).11

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: George was a gardner, and later a dealer.12
  • (Witness) EmigratAU: He was with George Marion Chugg and Harriet Wickham when they emigrated to Australia on 16 January 1882 from England; They were assisted migrants. George was a 32 year old carpenter from Devon whose parents were both dead, and Harriet his wife who was 30 and from Sussex. Harriet's mother Harriet Wickam was alive and living in Sussex. Both could read and write. They had 4 children with them. They stated a religion, but it is difficult to read, possibly ASdly.4,5
  • Anecdote: A gardener, who appears to be living with his mother, whilst his wife is living with his father in another house in Mitcham.

Census details

Voter Enrolements

Children of George Wickam Chugg and Violet Amelia Sayce


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    The Forfarshire, built in 1876, was a fine large well-appointed ship of 1238 tons, which made frequent visits to New Zealand and Australia. She did not run continuously to the colony, having only made six voyages from 1973 to 1900.

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    Registration Year:      1933
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