Geoffrey Earle Jackson

#1306, b. 17 May 1895, d. 12 October 1961

Individual's Timeline

Birth17 May 1895Geoffrey Earle Jackson1
Marriage7 July 1917Geoffrey Earle Jackson2
19391939Geoffrey Earle Jackson
Marriage of Son1946Ralph Gordon Russell Jackson
Death of Mother17 January 1949Louisa Johnson3
Death20 October 1959Helen Jackson4,5
Death12 October 1961Geoffrey Earle Jackson
Death RegDecember 1961Geoffrey Earle Jackson6

Primary events

  • Birth: Geoffrey Earle Jackson was born on 17 May 1895 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.1
  • Marriage: He married Helen Russell, daughter of James Russell and Sarah Sharp, on Saturday, 7 July 1917 in Canongate, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, when they were 22 years, 1 month and 20 days ~&~ 20 years old. Certificate reads: At 4 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh. After Publication according to the Forms of the Church of Scotland, Geoffrey Edric JACKSON, 22, Bachelor, Fisherman, (A.B. Seaman Royal Navy) on active service son of:- Geoffrey Jackson, Bootmaker (journeyman) deceased and Louisa JACKSON, m.s. JOHNSON to Helen RUSSELL, 19, Spinster, domestic servant, 2a Greenside Place, Edinburgh daughter of:- James RUSSELL Iron Moulder and Sarah RUSSELL m.s. Sharp deceased. Signed by James GILLAN, minister of the church of Scotland. Witnessed by Margaret Robertson and Helen Cumming.2
  • Marriage of Son: His child Ralph Gordon Russell Jackson was married in 1946 in Acle, Norfolk, England.
  • Death of Mother: His mother Louisa Johnson died on 17 January 1949 in 84 Crown Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.3
  • (Widow) Death: In 1959, at the age of 64 years, 5 months and 3 days, Geoffrey was left a widower by the death of Helen Jackson.4,5
  • Death: Geoffrey died on 12 October 1961 in Great Yarmouth, England, information gained from details of Trinity House service of his son Ralph. (Aged 66 years, 4 months and 25 days, worked back from recorded birth date).
  • Burial: He was buried on 16 October 1961 in Caister Borough Cemetery Plot G151, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.7
  • Death Reg: Geoffrey's death was registered in the quarter ended in December 1961 in the Great Yarmouth registration district. (His age calculates to 66 years and 6 months).6
  • Death cause: Death was caused by Salmonella, Electrolytis imbalance, Pneumonia. Certified by L. E. England, coroner for Great Yarmouth.

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Geoffrey was a fisherman in 1917. He then spent more than 25 years in the Navy, and after that worked for Trinity House, the general light house authority for England and Wales waters. In 1946 he was part of the crew of the Elizabete which was involved in an incident with a US cargo ship which had been abandoned by its crew.2
  • Anecdote: Ww2 medal listing of Jackson, Geoffrey Edric - Discharge number: R264330.
    Date 17 May 1895.8
  • Name Variation: He was also known as Garson Edric Johnson Geoffrey's death certificate shows him as 'also known as' Garson Edric JACKSON, but when I looked up Garson in free BDM I found a Garson Edric JOHNSON. I believe that JOHNSON was Louisa's single name, so I worked out this must be my Geoffrey. (see research notes).
  • Name Variation: He was also known as Geoffrey Edric Jackson This is the name as it appears on the transcribed marriage certificate. It does NOT agree with that engraved on his naval medals.
  • Milit-serv: Geoffrey Served in the Royal Navy Reserve on active service. I think his service numbers are: ww1 47820 and ww2 A4774 between 1917 and 1945 in England.2
  • Residence: In between 1932 and 1938 Geoffrey Earle lived in 21a row 125, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
  • Residence: In between 1950 and 12 October 1961 Geoffrey Earle and Ralph lived in 57 Harboard Crescent, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
  • Residence: In 1957 Geoffrey Earle and Helen lived in an unknown place.

Census details

Anecdote - Musings and Reasonings

Research note (complicated): Message sent to ancestry - just a summary of what we are looking for in regards to Geoffrey's father - There is a match to TB showing up at the 4th to 6th cousins level. So far all the people with this level of match reported on Ancestry have 'come good'. I have compared the TB tree as shown in ancestry to my full database, and I have not yet identified a match. Taking my other positive results as a guide, the match should be at my 3rd or 4th GGP, lets say after 1780. I am just suggesting this as a likely time frame.

My direct ancestors were never in USA or Canada, so we need to get TB's family back to either of these locations. 75% of my ancestry is from Norfolk or Suffolk in England. The other 25% is from Fife in Scotland. I do however have one unknown GGF who would have been born before 1876 and died after 1897. Both dates mean 'at least' and could be well before and well after. This chap could have been born anywhere, but must have been in Norwich Norfolk England September 1894

If you have any people in your tree who you can locate as either (1) definitely from those areas or (2) Unknown birth places but of the right vintage I will gladly follow them all up in UK records. I have 20 years experience using the free resources, subscriptions 2 to major genealogy suppliers, and an account at Scotland's People..


  • a number of service medals, having been on active service in both wars. A list of them can be found on We have them at home.10

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: I have allocated Alfred as Geoffrey's father as this is the name of Louisa's Husband as stated by her daughter on her death certificate. No other proof as yet.
    * The family story is that all 3 of Louisa's children were fathered by a solicitor in Yarmouth. She was supposed to have been his housekeeper. There is a solicitor named Garson H. L. Blake aged 35 living in York Road, but Louisa is not there. In the 1891 census Garson H L Blake was living with his father and others in his family in Hemsby Road. His father was Lovewell Blake, a Chartered Accountant, a registrar of marriages, the Belgian Consulate General and a managing Director of Limited Companies. And there is a Garson James Blake who is a 62 year old Widower listed as a bank clerk living in Southtown Road in 1901. He was a widower before 1891. I doubt that there is any relationship but we need to keep this in mind.
    * Paul JACKSON has a copy of a The Yarmouth Mercury that contains the marriage notice of Garson BLAKE. Louise kept this newspaper until she died, and in turn her daughter kept it until she died. Paul did not know why, until he and I conferred on the name change etc. This of course does not mean we have identified Geoffrey/Garson's father, but there must be more to find out..

Children of Geoffrey Earle Jackson and Helen Russell


  1. Certificate or Original Parish Reg Entry, Extract from original records.
  2. Jackson/Russell Marriage Certificate.
  3. Copies of original certificates and docs.
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    Burial Place:     Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
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    Cemetery Notes:     Consecrated."
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    Burial Place:     Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
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    Cemetery Notes:     Consecrated."
  8. UK National Register of Archives - Historical Manuscripts Commission, online, Description      
    Medal listing of      Jackson, Geoffrey Edric
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    Catalogue reference BT 395/1links to the Catalogue
    Dept      Records of the Board of Trade and of successor and related bodies
    Series      Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Database of World War II Medals issued to Merchant Seamen
    Piece      Database of World War II medals issued to merchant seamen
    Image contains      1 medal listing of many for this collection

    Purchased 28th Feb 2009.
  9. Census data as per CD, Louisa JACKSON Head (crossed out by the census taker and corrected to wife), age 39, married for 22 years, Total children born and children still alive = 3, lodging house keeper, born in Necton Norfolk.

    Hilda E JACKSON, daughter aged 19, single, a beatster, born in Norwich.

    Geoffrey JACKSON, son aged 15, single, a wine and spirit store porter, born in Yarmouth

    Ralph JACKSON son aged 14, single, in school, born in Yarmouth.

    Reginald A RIGDON adopted son aged 5 months, born in Yarmouth.

    Living in 6 rooms in 12 Row 96 Great Yarmouth.

    Notes: Louisa registered all 3 births as JOHNSON which was her name when she was born. No father is mentioned on any of the registrations. There is NO marriage in free BMD for Louisa JOHNSON marrying anyone JACKSON at any time. Geoffrey was originally registered as Garcon Edric JOHNSON. When Hilda registered her mother's death she noted that Louisa's husband had been named Alfred JACKSON and was a fruit grower, but so far no joy in finding him.

    Reginald is registered as Reginald A PEGDEN in Yarmouth in Dec 1910. - PEGDEN, Reginald A in Yarmouth page 4b/7. This is the only registration entry for birth/marriage/death for this surname in Yarmouth at any time. The type index is clearly PEGDEN, but this typed list is a human transcription of the original which is in Yarmouth, so the name may well still be RIGDON.
  10. Unknown author, Documents online,…. Discharge number:      R264330 Catalogue ref BT 395/1 Image ref 44157 / 4053.