William Samuel Larn

#28790, b. September 1842, d. December 1898

Individual's Timeline

Birth RegSeptember 1842William Samuel Larn1
Death of Father7 October 1849James Steel Larn2
MarriageMarch 1862William Samuel Larn
Death RegDecember 1898William Samuel Larn3

Primary events

  • Birth Reg: William's birth was registered in the quarter ended in September 1842 in the Great Yarmouth registration district.1
  • Death of Father: His father James Steel Larn died on 7 October 1849 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.2
  • Marriage: William Samuel Larn married Christiana Ward in March 1862 in Registration District of, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, when they were 16 years ~&~ 19 years and 6 months old. this is the 'best fit' for the marriage. 9c/517.
  • Death Reg: William's death was registered in the quarter ended in December 1898 in the Scarborough registration district, aged 56. (His age calculates to 56 years and 3 months).3

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: William was a fisherman or a smacksman.
  • (Witness) History: He witnessed time line for the time this family were in Scarborough
    1852 First paddle steamer "Transit "arrived at Scarborough.
    1853 Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay Steam Packet Company formed.
    1855 Queen's Hotel opened at Withernsea by Railway company.
    1858 Whitby East pier lightouse built.
    1859 Blands Cliff swimming baths opened at Scarborough.
    1860, 9th June. Filey lost 13 of its 22 yawls.
    1860 Middlesbrough & St Petersburg Shipping Company started.
    1860-61 Stockton Darlington railway extended from Marske to Saltburn.
    1861 A gun battery was built at Paull.
    c1861 Naked bathing was banned on Scarborough beaches.
    1862 Tindall's shipyard was sold at Scarborough ending large ship building.
    1862 Rock salt discovered near Middlesbrough.
    1863 Sea Fisheries Commission took evidence at Scarborough.
    1866 Scarborough Harbour Commissioners bought the tug "Kate".
    1866-9 Scarborough North bay promenade pier was built.
    1866-9 Bridlington sea wall built.
    1869-70-71 Edward Prince of Wales made visits to Scarborough.
    1870 Prince Napoleon visited Scarborugh in his yacht.
    1871 Beach groynes built at Withernsea.
    1871 First telegraphic message reached Scarborough post office.
    1874 The Lords of the Admiralty in a yacht and the Channel Fleet visited Scarborough.
    1877 Withernsea pier built.
    1879 Whitby Harbour Act.
    1877-9 Scarborough Forehore road built.
    1880 28-29 October . Many ships driven ashore on the Yorkshire coast.
    1883 Scarborough Sandside coffee house opened.
    1883 Whitby Harbour Act.
    1885 Mammoth tusk found at Atwick near Skipsea.
    1890 Castle hill landslip at Scarborough.
    1894 Filey sea wall completed.
    1895 New light house built at Spurn.
    1898 Cochranes ship builders moved to Selby.
    1901 Dec,4 Schooner "Satellite" grounded opposite Grand Hotel Scarborough.
    1901 Scarborough roadside quay built.
    1903 Channel fleet visited Scarborough.
    1904 Whitby Urban District Council acquired harbour.
    1905 Act to extend Whitby east and west piers.
    1907 Scarborough reported as fifth port in country for herring landings. between 1852 and 1900.

Census details

Children of William Samuel Larn and Christiana Ward


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