Francis T Phipps

#31596, b. 12 March 1899, d. 31 May 1916

Individual's Timeline

Birth12 March 1899Francis T Phipps
Death31 May 1916Francis T Phipps

Primary events

  • Birth: Francis T Phipps was born on 12 March 1899 in Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Norfolk, England.
  • Death: Francis died on 31 May 1916 in sea, KIA (Aged 17 years, 2 months and 19 days, worked back from recorded birth date).

Census details

Military Career

Records show that Francis T Phipps served in the armed forces. Francis was a midshipman, having signed up with the Navy August 1914. There are papers in the National Archives that can be purchased.
* He died in 1916 On HMS Defence.


Background information on HMS Defence - HMS Defence was a Minotaur-class armoured cruiser built for the Royal Navy in the mid-1900s. She was the last armoured cruiser built for the Royal Navy. She was stationed in the Mediterranean when the First World War began and participated in the pursuit of the German battlecruiser SMS Goeben and light cruiser SMS Breslau. Defence was transferred to the Grand Fleet in January 1915 and remained there for the rest of her career.

Defence was sunk on 31 May 1916 during the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of the war. Escorting the main body of the Grand Fleet, the ship was fired upon by one German battlecruiser and four dreadnoughts as she attempted to engage a disabled German light cruiser. She was struck by two salvoes from the German ships that detonated her rear magazine. The fire from that explosion spread to the ship's secondary magazines, which exploded in turn. There were no survivors from the crew of around 900.

From Wikipedia.