Alfred Ernest 'Alf' Chittock1

#31908, b. 31 August 1913, d. 25 December 2007

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Birth31 August 1913Alfred Ernest 'Alf' Chittock1
Death of Mother6 July 1945Helene Matilda Wilhelmina Chittock2
Death of Father12 April 1949Arthur Henry Chittock2
Death25 December 2007Alfred Ernest 'Alf' Chittock

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  • Occupation: Alfred was the first mayor of Tennent Creek. For anyone unaware of what and where Tennant Creek is, a search of the web would be worth doing. There are details of Alfred's colourful history available as well, so search under his name.
Some aspects of Alfred Ernest 'Alf' Chittock's life. Alf was mentioned in the Australian Parliament - Finally, I want to pay tribute to a longstanding life member of the Labour Party in the Northern Territory, Alfred Ernest Chittock. Alf passed away on Christmas Day last year and was in his 90s when that happened. He was around to see the election of the Rudd Labour government, and I personally know that he was incredibly proud of that day. I think the fact that I mention him in this speech on the address-in reply shows justice and compliments his love for and commitment to the Labour Party. He first moved to the Territory in 1949, after the end of the Second World War, and was instrumental in the affairs of Tennant Creek, becoming chairman of the town management board. He became the first mayor of Tennant Creek after the local government was established and was instrumental in setting up the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory. He was involved in the Returned and Services League, the Red Cross, the Senior Citizens Club, the Lions Club, the Sporties Club and the Memo Club in Tennant Creek. In fact, if you want to find the epitome of what the heart of the Territory is about, you would look no further than Alf Chittock. I have to say that he was a great icon who will be greatly missed in Tennant Creek. He was a great champion of the Labour Party in Tennant, which I think was incredibly hard to do through his years. But I know that, as a former life member of the party and a great member of the party, he would have been proud of the election of the Rudd Labour government, and so it is this speech that I would like to dedicate to his memory and to his family. (Time expired). Senator Trish Crossin Tuesday March 11th 2008. 1:14 PM.


His death was commemorated by an obituary in the Darwin newspapers in 2007 in Northern Territory, Australia, Tennant Creek's first mayor, Alf Chittock, died on Christmas Day, aged 94. Mr Chittock arrived in Tennant Creek in 1949 seeking a new life during the mining boom. He set up a mining store at Warrego and also worked as a butcher and bookmaker.
* In 1978, Mr Chittock became Tennant Creek's first mayor and held the position for a decade.
* Current Mayor Barry Sharples says Mr Chittock made a significant contribution to the town through his community work.
"He's an unforgettable character," he said.
* Mr Chittock stayed in the Barkly region until August this year, when ill health forced him to move to Darwin.

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  • Research note 01: There are records in the Australian Archives we can get a copy of if we want it - 1. Employment of Wards Tennant Creek Abattoirs Mr Chittock, Control symbol 1960/2274. I believe the 'wards' refer to ward of the state, most likely indigenous people. 2. Aboriginal Affairs - Slaughter Yard A Chittock Control Symbol 1960/96 3. 1957 Application Town Lands Lease, Tennant Creek - Northern Territory [9 pages] series a452, control symbol 1957/3129

    Also - CHITTOCK ALFRED ERNEST : Service Number - SX37371 : Date of birth - 31 Aug 1913 : Place of birth - ADELAIDE SA : Place of enlistment - HINDMARSH SA : Next of Kin - CHITTOCK ARTHUR.4


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    Mother: Helene Matilda Wilhelmina KOLOSCHE
    Birth Place/Residence: Brompton
    District Code: Hin
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