Laura Frances Alice Chittock1

#32069, b. 1909, d. 1926

Individual's Timeline

Birth1909Laura Frances Alice Chittock1,2
Death Reg1926Laura Frances Alice Chittock1

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Laura was a school teacher. Her teacher records are in the PROV, teacher number 24623.
Brushes with the LAW

COUNTRY GIRL TAKES POISON. The discovery of a young woman dead in her room at The People's Palace in King Street on the morning of January 16 with a bottle containing poison on a chair beside her bed was described at an Inquest into the death of Laura Frances Alice Chittock, aged 17 years, of Benalla held at the morgue, by the coroner Mr Berriman, P.M. yesterday
* Detective Sergeant Tognini appeared to assist the coroner.
* Elizabeth Chittock, married woman, of Benalla said "On January 15 my daughter left Benalla with Leslie Raleigh Castles to go to Melbourne saying that she would be home on the following Monday. I knew that she was in a certain state of health but it did not appear to worry her very much.
* Castles, who is a photographer's assistant living at Bourke Street Benalla said, "I had been keeping company with Chittock for about three years. Recently we decided to visit Melbourne to consult a doctor. Arriving in Melbourne on January 15, we booked two rooms in The People's Palace in King Street and went to the pictures. In the evening, we visited a theatre and after having supper went to the palace. Chittock went to her room, which was situated next to mine, at about midnight, but when about to enter her room she held out a small brown bottle towards me, and said take some of this for your cold. I did not take any of it, but went to bed. About three-quarters of an hour later, I was awakened by a gurgling noise in the next room. I tried to open the door, but could not. The night porter then came along, forced a fanlight, and opened the door from the Inside. He went in, but pushed me out and locking the door went for the police
* Detective sergeant Tognini - Have you ever bought poison similar to that in the bottle found by Chittock's bed? - Yes, I use it for photography. I have taken the poison in bottles to Chittock's home when doing some photography there and have left at her home empty bottle similar to the one found by her bed. Chittock never said anything about committing suicide, and when she went to her room appeared to be in cheerful spirits
* The coroner (Mr D Berriman P.M.) found that Chittock's death was due to poison self- administered.4

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Her record books are in the Public Records Office of Vic - Chittock, Laura Frances Alice, 24623 (VPRS 13719/P1 Database Index to Teacher Record Books, 1863-1959). The Teacher Record Number can be used to access a microfilm copy of the Teacher Record Books (VPRS 13718) in PROV reading rooms..5


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