Anne (Clarke) Culling

#32306, b. 1807

In the interests of further research I am includung this census form on my web pages. I hope the copyright Gods forgive me. See the entry at the bottom of the page, under occupation

Individual's Timeline

Birth1807Anne (Clarke) Culling
Marriage2 October 1855Anne (Clarke) Culling1
Death RegDecember 1859Jean Claude Lyautey2,3

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

Census details

  • In 1841 Anne (Clarke) Culling may have been found in St Marylebone when the census was taken. I believe that Ann was most likely here, under the name of Ann CLARKE. Unfortunately, the census form is unreadable. She was the head of the house, and all the other occupants were female aged between 20 and 38.
  • In 1851 Anne (Clarke) Culling may have been found in St Marylebone when the census was taken. She was listed as Ann CLARK, head of the household. She was aged 43, which matches her age as given in the 1861 census. The address was in ‘Trinity’, which matches the place she was baptized the previous year. She was single, which matches her status when she married 4 years later. She was born in Alpington, Norfolk, which clinches it for me. She was the keeper of a house. There are 6 women in the house, 5 unmarried, 1 widow, all under 30. 3 have occupations in the garment making trade, and one is a house servant (to the establishment). There are marks on the form, which I believe indicate a link to remarks at the bottom of the page, which are readable. The census taker has said they are 'all fancy ladies'. I think Ann was a Madam. See exhibit.
  • In the census taken on the night of 7th April 1861 Anne (Clarke) was the head of the household. The address was 36 Stoney Street, Southwark St Saviour, Greater London, England. Ann E LYANTEY a widow aged 53 born in Yelverton who was a lodging housekeeper. Ann was the mother of the illegitimate Cornelius CULLING and he is the father of the 2 boys with her. There are also 6 French egg merchants listed as lodgers, and Fanny Layton CULLING is a governess who is a visitor, but who must surely be a distant relative. or a second illegitimate child - see Fanny and Hannah CULLING's details for more musings.
Brushes with the LAW

According to the census taker in 1851, Ann CLARKE, 43, born in Alpington, Norfolk was running a 'house for fancy ladies' in Marylebone.

She was 44, all the ladies were 20 odd except one who was 38 (the dominatrix?) and the maid who was 18 (the apprentice?)

She married Jean Claude LYAUTEY in London when she was 48, and he died in Brighton (UK) when she was 52. She had an illegitimate son when she was 18, and while she was running the house, he was an apprentice ladies shoemaker (boots for the dominatrix maybe) in the same area of London. He married and he and his wife took 7 children to Quebec (1870)

In 1865, Ann LYAUTEY was declared bankrupt in the London Gazette. Before he married Ann, Jean Claude, a lodging housekeeper, was also declared bankrupt.

I have not found any record of Ann later than 1865 in any of her names. Of course, if she reverted to her 1851 name (CLARKE) then she could be hiding amongst the many, which come to think of it, may have been part of her cunning plan.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: Ann's details have been obtained from the following
    1. Her name from Cornelius' christening, which was when he was 8 years old. We do not know if his mother - named as Ann, with no father mentioned - was with him at the time.
    2. Her date and place of birth from the 1861 census, where the widow Ann was with a couple of Cornelius' children as their grandmother.
    Finding her in other census assisted me in tying up some of the loose ends..
  • Research note 02: The most logical parents for Ann are Isaac and Elizabeth nee LOVEWELL, as they married in 1800, but the first child I have recorded was born much later.
    * In support of this, I found a marriage for Ann Clarke CULLING and Jean Claude LYAUTEY, which names her father as Isaac, a farmer. The inclusion of Clarke in her name, and her name in the 1861 census as a widow, confirms this is Cornelius' mother. There is also a christening in the same London district of an adult Ann CULLING with parents Isaac and Elizabeth.
  • Research note 03: I have not found Ann under CULLING, CLARKE or LYAUTEY after 1867. Her son went to Canada in 1870. I wonder if she went with him?.
General Information on the name of LYAUTEY. This is a French name; the most famous personage of this family is Marshall Louise Hubert LYAUTY, a French Colonial Administrator in French Morocco. There is a town (Port Lyautey, now Kenitra) named after him, which saw some action during WW2 - see

Child of Anne (Clarke) Culling

Family of Anne (Clarke) Culling and Jean Claude Lyautey


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    Record Type:      Marriage
    Event Date:      2 Oct 1855
    Parish:      St Marylebone
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    Place     Yelverton
    Church     St Mary the Virgin
    RegisterNumber     127
    DateOfBirth     25 Mar 1826
    BaptismDate     14 Jul 1833
    Forename     Cornelius
    Sex     M
    MotherForename     Anne
    MotherSurname     CULLING
    Abode     Alpington
    FatherOccupation     -
    FileNumber     5867.