Lovewell Blake

#36122, b. 10 April 1837, d. December 1910

Individual's Timeline

Birth10 April 1837Lovewell Blake1
Christening3 May 1837Lovewell Blake1
Marr RegDecember 1862Lovewell Blake
Marriage30 December 1862Lovewell Blake2
Probate19 June 1878Garson Blake
Marriage of SonSeptember 1894George Lovewell Blake3
Marriage of Son22 September 1896Garson Henry Lovewell Blake :possibly Garson Edric JOHNSON's (later Geoffrey JACKSON) natural father?4
Marriage of SonSeptember 1897Edgar Laws Blake
Probate3 October 1898George William Giles
Death1899Mary Ann Blake
Death RegDecember 1910Lovewell Blake5

Primary events

Secondary circumstances

  • Occupation: Lovewell was a clerk in his father's business at 13 and later he was in partnership with his father as Shipowners Agents and Coal merchants. They had 19 vessels, one of which is named the "Garson.”. He was also an amateur author, writing pieces for the Yarmouth Annual, which his brother's firm printed. In 1863, Lovewell was the Secretary of the Elocution Society. They had more than 200 members. Lovewell was a member of the liberal side of politics, while in 1830s his grandfather GARSON was a Whig. In later years, Lovewell was an Accountant, who was often involved in liquidation proceedings relating to bankruptcies. In 1878 when the executor of his father's will he was described as a public accountant, and in 1891 census he said he was 'a JP, a Charted Accountant, Registrar of Marriages, Belgian Consul and Managing Director of Limited Companies'.6
  • Anecdote: In 1883 Lovewell was in Kelley's directory as a Borough Magistrate (Ormsby St Margaret), the Belgium Consul, an Insurance Agent for Employers' Liability Insurance Corporation Limited and Pelican Life & Phœnix Fire. In addition, he and his brother Ernest B were the Registrar of Marriages.
  • Anecdote: Lovewell sent a letter to a cousin in Orkney relating the genealogy of his family. Excerpts have been used to confirm and add information to this database from that letter. Thank you, Lovewell.7

Census details

Some aspects of Lovewell Blake's life. Lovewell was a genealogist way back in 1866. He wrote a letter to the Orkney Herald on 31 July seeking Garson relatives in Orkney. Peter Garson replied and Lovewel wrote to him - refer to text exhibit. I have incorporated the facts in the letter into the database. One main point is that his having the tract regarding the riot, and his noting his relationship with the victim of the riots, ties this BLAKE family to the earlier generations in Essex and London. Lovewell was 28 when he wrote the letter, and at the time he had 2 children.

Research Notes

  • Research note 01: No will registered in England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1861-1941. I wonder why?.

Children of Lovewell Blake and Mary Ann Giles


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    DateOfBirth     10 Apr 1837
    BaptismDate     03 May 1837
    Forename     Lovewell
    Sex     -
    FatherForename     Garson
    MotherForename     Elizabeth
    FatherSurname     BLAKE
    MotherSurname     LAWS
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    GroomAge     29
    GroomCondition     Bachelor
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    GroomAbode     Great Yarmouth
    BrideForename     Ellen Catherine
    BrideSurname     PARSONS
    BrideAge     30
    BrideCondition     Spinster
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    BrideFatherSurname     PARSONS
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    WitnessOneForename     Henry
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    The whole of our family enjoy excellent health altho' about ten years ago I contracted an illness which resulted in leaving me lame, which causes me to take more pleasure in using my pen than in taking much exercise, although I am not entirely debarred from so
    doing. I have marked the title pieces in the Annual which are my composition and I am now preparing for publishing one in 1867. I will if all be well forward one of them in due time.
    * All our family are dissenters and of liberal politics and I send also by book post a copy of a tract published concerning a riot which occurred in consequence of John Blake (who was of course the father in law of my Grandmother harriott Blake) having allowed preaching in his house.
    * I must conclude this long letter by retiterating my pleasure at having discovered and brought to light after so many years the relationships which exist between our families and hope very soon to hear from you and others of your family. I remain , Dear Sir, Yours very truly, Lovewell Blake."