I have amused myself having a look at these people. In the process I discovered the UK electoral registers on Find my Past.  You won't see many of my discoveries, as they cover the period 2000-2014. Most leads found are, or course, of living people, who, also of course, do not appear on these web pages. A great resource, nonetheless, as it includes addresses. We have contacted at least one living and interested cousin by snail mail.

The UTTING family of Norfolk make a few appearances as spouses in other lines I am researching, and interest in some of the branches has recently (May 2015) arisen amongst my collaborators.  Once roused, interest clamours for attention.

I expect I am, like most other people researching UK ancestors, hanging out for the release of the 1939 National Registration which will also be on Find My Past. What a boon this will be. According to http://www.hscic.gov.uk/register-service the info collected was:

  • National Registration number
  • Address
  • Surname
  • First Forename
  • Other Forename(s)/Initial(s)
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation

I do fervently hope FMY includes a means of searching by address.

BUT enough of that, and back to the UTTINGS. You will find a few trees to look at. Do please explore.

The name Le Neve is used as a middle name by many UTTING people. This was started by the children of Robert UTTING and Ann Le NEVE, who may well go back to Peter Le NEVE.

Peter Le Neve was an English herald and antiquary. He was appointed Rouge Dragon Pursuivant 17 January 1690 and created Norroy King at Arms on 25 May 1704. Peter wrote a book entitled - Le Neve's pedigrees of the knights made by King Charles II., King James II., King William III. and Queen Mary, King William alone, and Queen Anne. This book can be found for free download if you look. 

The family records get somewhat vague, as a little illigitimacy was involved in later generations. I am still trying to make sense of it all. Peter being a noted genealogist, when being a genealogist was much harder than today, would have believed a predigree was most important. 

Just think - we can explore our ancestors from the comfort of our homes. If we do, sometimes, have to journey to a library or archive, we do so in a car, bus or train. Poor Peter would have had to journey, on horseback or carriage, to all the Parish churches or family seats to do his research. I have corny fingers from typing - I expect he had a corny bum from riding. 

I have previously looked at the Le NEVE name, as I have an interest in historical murders, and Edith Le NEVE, from Norfolk, was Dr CRIPPEN's Secretary/lady-friend/son. This story appears elsewhere on this site.  Go on, have a play and try to find it.

Please remember as always this is a work in progress. All corrections or queries are most welcome.  Indeed, eagerly sought.