Thanks to the great application (Second Site) I use to configure my data into a form that is accessable to all, you can now search for people using a search box. You will need to have Java Script enabled within your brower to see the option.

Check the bottom of this page and if you do not see the option to search - then follow these instructions to enable Java Script. Alternatively, search for 'enable java script' in any web search engine. There are many sites out there with instructions.

If this all appears too hard, do not worry - just use the Master Surname Index.

Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and then Internet Options

2. Select the Security tab, and select the Custom Level button

3. Scroll down to Scripting of Java applets

4. Make sure the Enable radio button is checked

5. Click OK to save your preference



1. Start Mozilla Firefox browser or restart it if it is already running

2. At the top of the browser, select the Firefox button (or Tools menu in Windows XP), then Add-ons

3. The Add-ons Manager tab will open.

4. In the Add-ons Manager tab, select Plugins

5. Click Java (TM) Platform plugin to select it

6. Click on the Enable button (if the button says Disable, Java is already enabled)



1. Click on the wrench icon, then select Options.

2, Select Under the Hood and then Privacy Content Settings.

3. The Content Settings panel will appear.

4. In the Plug-ins section, select the Disable individual plug-ins link to check whether Java is enabled

5. Click on the Enable link (if the Disable link appears, Java is already enabled)


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