Our main CHITTOCK family hale from Saxlingham Nethergate around 1740, and before that there was Ellis and Clement born c1710 (I know not where) who had children christened in Pulham St Mary the Virgin. At a guess the families moved to Saxlingham Nethergate which is only 8 miles away.

I have discovered a number of CHITTOCK men whose place of birth was stated as Saxlingham Nethergate in Wills and, for the next generation, from the early census. I am currently working my way through the old wills to find the family linkages.

One branch of the Saxlingham CHITTOCKS became tailors in Chelsea, London. One of those came to Australia in 1865. This Australian family produced the first Mayor of Tennant Creek. For those who are not aware Tennant Creek is a small outback - WAY outback - town in Northern Territory. 500 Km north of Alice Springs and twice that far south of Darwin. Have a look on Google Earth

The others stayed in and around East Anglia as farmers. One set ended up as solicitors and property owners in Norwich.

The Norfolk records office is quiet rich in documents pertaining to the CHITTOCKS, as are the local papers and broadsides. NRO had wills back to 1550 or so, and it will be a life’s work to translate and understand the family relationships these wills will give us access to.


Recent amendments to my data show the resolution to the 'fictitious' ancestors, and I have now included new lines of Suffolk CHITTOCKs. They are yet to be linked into our existing lines, but with help from others, I am hopeful they do indeed all link up. What a blessing an unusual name is. Refer to the new charts, links on this page.

As new information comes to hand I will update the database. Please DO NOT take everything to be accurate. I have made mention within the text of areas of investigation.


Just to show that one of us, just once, met someone REALY famous - and had the presence of mind to get a photo. With his strong Union and Labour Party background I would bet that Alf was a died in the wool Republican as well.