The CHUGG family hail from Devonshire, and have had a few successful journeys across the seas.

One branch became Latter Day Saints and travelled across America to Utah in covered wagons. Others, as free settlers and as convicts, made the journey to Australia.

I have removed most of the individual CHUGG people from these pages, as I needed the room. Of course, all the data (and indeed much more than ever appeared here) is still recorded in my off line database - The Master Genealogist.

I can supply all, or a portion, of this data to anyone who has a interest. Just email me.


FORFARSHIRE (The) 1238 ton ship. built 1867 by Morrison of Sunderland. Chartered by Shaw Savill Company for the first voyage out in 1873. Made at least 6 voyages to Australasia. Her 1882 voyage brought George and Harriet and their family of young children to New South Wales. George was a carpenter in England, described himself as a builder in the passenger list, and was a furniture maker and dealer in Australia