Placed on the site to facilitate the sharing of my 'findings' with other LARN researchers - September 2014.

When reading this, keep in mind that the Irish name of PURCELL morphed into POSTLE (and once recorded PARCEL). This is confirmed from various records, and we (the family) believe it was due to the Norfolk accent

I refer you to George POSTLE (ID26683). He married Harriet LARN.  Harriet is the 2nd cousin of Mary Ann LARN, our direct ancestor who married William POSTLE.

William was born in Tasmania Australia in 1820 (son of John PURCELL an Irish soldier who joined the army in Yarmouth). The whole family left Australia with the regiment, and we then find William in Yarmouth in 1841. I have not been able to locate John PURCELL/POSTLE or his wife who we think was named Ann or a variation.

George was born in 1828 in Yarmouth. His Chr is not in the St Nicholas Parish Register, and his marriage in 1856 is in the period missing from the same Parish Register. I am in the process of getting a copy of the Marriage Cert from the Yarmouth records to see who he says his father is.  Hoping of course he names him as John a pensioned off soldier.

If you check George's page you will see his 'Brushes with the Law'. In truth this is more like 'Crashes against the Law', but we can't choose our ancestors can we?  He will have done right by us if he recorded all possible famly details when he married.  


Samuel LARN descendant chart
Florence M Dimelow
George Ratcliffe
Edna Hague
Brenda R Dimelow
George Venables
Mary C Jones
Brenda Hughes
John A Dimelow
Mavis G Stubbs
Gladys M H Dimelow
Harold Roberts
Laurence Dimelow
Norah Kelly
confidential Lamb
Joan England
Elsie M Lawrence
Jessie May Larn
Betty Briars
Gordon R Gooda
Norma Gooda
Kathleen L B Alger
Albert V Carter
Spencer Carter
Clive J Carter
Sidney D Coleman
Angela Farman
Margaret R Coleman
Ronald R Carter
Zelda J Turner
Bonita J Blake
Peter L Norris
Samuel Ryder Dean Elrick
Christopher Anthony Beales
Blake Fowler
Zach Fowler
Mavis A Turner
Callum John Bayfield
Eleanor L Herring
Dorothy K Downing
Margaret G Wells
Rosemary J Wells
Paul L Wells
Pamela E Harvey
Damial Omar Tabit
Ahmed Tabit
Malika Alica Tabit
Dean Martin
Omar Lewis Tabit
Susan Wells
(?) Withall
Alice H Adams
Jack Turner
Nancy Oldroyd
Annie Smith
Mary Elizabeth Allen
George M Beatty
Edgar J Postle
Carol M Parr
(?) James
Gloria E Gowen
Edward Herrick
James A Park
Merle G Gowen
(?) Summerfield
David E Summerfield
Jennifer A Summerfield
David M Russett
Charlotte Allison
Edgar E Postle
David J H Stockman
Susan E Scale
Caroline M Stockman
Barbara M Kelf
Nigel D Alexander
Tina A James
Clinton F Alexander
Dawn L Harris
Stephen J Alexander
Maud Purdy
George R Fenwick
Robert E Daft
Florence M Daft
John W Daft
Ivy Norman
Sidney Norman
Frederick John Coulter
Topsy D Coulter
Charles William H Coulter
Betty F Coulter
Raymond C Richards
Peter John Coulter
Frederick G Coulter
Raymond Ernest Coulter
Patricia Mary (?)
Geoffrey John Coulter
Margaret Joy (?)
Edward J Challis
Hector Hogarth
Violetta Norman
John W L Keeble
Betty M Johnson
David Keeble
Brian P Keeble
Margaret A Keeble
Walter Charles Baxter
Ethel L Read
Norman S Godfrey
Ernest C Godfrey
Audrey E Godfrey
Shirley A Beckett
Bette A Beckett
John R Solomon
Esther Buckle
Frank E Wootten
Florence R Holmes
Albert Gordon Petterson
Dorothy Burwell Lacey
Sidney Edgar Bayfield
Frances Caroline Bayfield
Samuel Dawson
William Dawson
Emily Harrison
Doris Harrison
Norah Harrison
Jack Harrison
Evlin Harrison
John William Oliver
James Richard Oliver
George Raymond Barnes
Herbert French
Florence French
James F P Browne
Robert Allen
William Allen
Peggy B Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher
Molly E Fletcher
John E Fletcher
George J Fletcher
Herbert M R Haines
Ronald Haines
Ena F Haines
Michael G Pitts
Jack Gowen
Raymond H M Utting
Shiela M Aldred
Gwendoline E A Utting
Leslie R Church
Kenneth W Utting
Joyce E Smith
Sylvia M Harris
William G Larn
Percy A Nicholls
Lilian A Nicholls
Herbert A Nicholls
Frederick C Nicholls
Tom Robert Larn
Albert Edward Larn
Rosina Hannah Larn
Rose M Shephard
Annie Margaret Ambrose
John Allen
John Edward Allen
Ada M Larn
Albert D Poll
George R Carr
Peter Carr
Nesta Carr
Emily Mary Goulder
Pansy Marguerite (?)
Louise Nellie Oliver
Charles Wilde
Mary (?)
Unknown Gender