Just a little more about me before I introduce you to my new newsletter. Or should that be my old news newsletter?

I like to write.

I recently discovered a way to publish, in a very small way, some of my scribblings . I am using this newsletter (2 sent out as at Feb 2014) to publish fact based stories I find during my family research. The recipients are  those who have expressed an interest in people 'living' in these web pages over the past 2 years or so, plus anyone new who wants to opt in.

You can subscribe to this newsletter


This is not something I plan to do by the calender. I will only don my composing hat when I find something worth telling.

I always include my sources, and I spend enough time at this to find those well hidden, often informative, places to look. It will be a good way for you to discover some of these places for yourselves.

It is also an easy matter to opt out. Each newsletter includes an unsubscribe link