The ELRICK family seem to have originated in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. There is even a village named ELRICK, not far from Aberdeen (the city).

You will see from the data that I have not connected up all those who are contained on this site. I am certain, though, that they are all related.

ELRICK is not a common name, even in Aberdeen. I have stumbled across some remarkable people carrying the name, and it is remarkable how themes get replayed generation after generation. Obviously, occupations get carried down. This is due to proximity and class barriers more than aptitude. However, leisure and cultural activities and interests occur in ELRICKs who would never have met. I would even say, would never have heard about each other.

Music and acting, and more obviously, sporting achievements. Rowing in Australia, Soccer in New Zealand,

And spookier still is the cycling. My son, Digger, took up cycling, not knowing his cousin (who died some 30 years before he was born) was a champion Tasmania cyclist before WW2. Alec's Tasmanian record (29s.) for the junior flying quarter mile still stands.

Digger loves the equipment side of things, and would you believe it, a George ELRICK was born in Yorkshire in 1908. He opened a bike shop in Stirling in 1935. He specialised in racing bikes, and some of his frames are in a museum. Details - In fact just put 'elrick cycling' into Google and you will see what I mean. You might try 'elrick entertainment' or 'elrick sport' as well



As new information comes to hand I will update the database. Please DO NOT take everything to be accurate. I have made mention within the text of areas of investigation.


The red flag is where the family lived
Water Lane as it is today