My connection to the BEALES family - my Dad Basil Stanley BEALES 1927-2014 - died in January. My memories of him will keep him alive as long as my little grey cells continue to function. This link is to a photoshow DVD we had made in his memory. The password is Beales (Note the case is important).


There are two separate ancestral lines of BEALES that connect into the PATTERSON family. Both started out as BALES and both have a John as the oldest male ancestor, but I have not found a connection between them - yet.

John BALES born before 1762 married Sarah WEN in Hackford, then after she died he married Ann FLEGG in Burgh Apton. He is the ancestor of Christopher BEALES who married Ellen PATTERSON.

John BALES born before 1773 married Joanna GREEN in Yarmouth. He is the ancestor of Mary Ann BEALES who married Samuel BEALES. Ellen PATTERSON is the niece of Samuel.


The BEALES family makes two appearances in the tree in another way. Sarah BAYFIELD and Susan BEALES are cousins twice over. Once via the BLAKE family, as they are a great grand daughter and a grand daughter of Frederick BLAKE. And once via the BEALES family, as they are also the 3rd great grand daughter and the great grand daughter of Christopher BEALES (b1847).

While this at first glance seems amazing, when you understand that the BEALS and the PATTERSON families were very fertile and produced many children - in one case 19 - it becomes more understandable. Now that I have studied this family in more detail I am actually surprised they are not related to everyone in Yarmouth -- or indeed Norfolk.

The next installment of the tree will be the prolific PATTERSON family.

Christopher BEALES was described as a stevedore, but he was much more than this. He was born in Row 119 in 1887. His father was not with the family in 1901 and his last sibling was born in 1895. I have not found a death registration for his father, but I have not identified him in 1911 either, so he may have died at sea. I think we can assume Margaret his mother was alone with 5 children. Certainly in 1901 Margaret was the head of the family (shown as a widow) with 5 children with her. With her in the same house is her illegitimate daughter and her husband and first child.

So in number 15 in Row 23, in a 5 roomed house, there were 9 people, one a 14 year old Christopher. He was still with his mother in the same house in 1911, but now only with 5 others, all adults and all working. Elizabeth and Alice were Net Beesters, Christopher was a Market Porter, Archie was in the army (Northamptonshire Regiment), George was a Butcher's Labourer and Rosina, at 15, was working in the silk factory. By 1911 Christopher had been, and maybe still was, the Eastern Counties Boxing Champion. He was over a year away from trying to save some children from a fire in one of the Row houses and three years away from being married. Elizabeth, as she named herself on the 1911 census form, was the mother of the family and she has misunderstood the instructions, as she has filled it in with all of her children, even those who were not at home. Archer was in Malta with the army and Alice was married. and was counted in the census as living with her husband.

I have not found any mention of Christopher in the army records for WW1, which is surprising as he was obviously physically fit and of the right age to have served. This is surely an area worth some follow up.

The photograph below shows Christopher in his boxing gear, and the date must be 1906, not 1901, as in 1901 he would only have been 14.




Gaze on that face - and you have seen ALL the BEALES boys. I have never known a family resemblance to come through as strongly as this man passed on to his sons.