Eliza is one of the 13 children of James KNIGHTS, seaman, and Elizabeth Nee JENKINSON. She was born in 1831 in Yarmouth.

Eliza married Matthew PATTERSON who was one of the 12 children of Jonathan and Mary nee WATERTON. Matthew died in 1908 aged 76, and Eliza died in 1920, aged 89.

Eliza's grandson Samuel PATTERSON filled in the census form and it shows that Eliza gave birth to 19 children, 14 of whom were still alive at the time of the census. I have only identified 14 of the children so far, with births from 1851 to 1876, but there is no basis to doubt Samuel's figures as there are enough gaps in the births to have had this many children. There are so many PATTERSON births, deaths and marriages in Yarmouth that I have found it impossible to conclusively identify the parents of many of them, but to just take the direct line of the tree there are 70 children in 5 generations, and I am certain there are many I have missed. In those 5 generations James and Elizabeth KNIGHTS have 171 grand children so far identified, and looking at all the marriages I have not - as yet - followed up to the baptisimal font, this number could triple.

Another peice of trivia - and a circumstance that makes life hard for the genealogist - there were 7 Matthew PATTERSONs, all closely related to one another, alive in 1900.

I think Matthew and Eliza must have been well known to the Rector of St Nicholas'. In the 30 years from 1859, the year they married and where their first born was christened 3 days later to 1889 when their youngest daughter Charlotte married they would have celebrated 19 christenings and at least 11 marriages.