The ABBS are an offshoot of the BAYFIELD family. They originate, as far as this tree goes, from North Norfolk.  There are a few marriages to close relations. In fact I would say at times the consanguinity factor borders on being 'royal'.

Our connection to the ABBS family is via Susanna ABBS who was the first wife (married in 1755 in Runton) of Matthew BAYFIELD. I have managed to get confirmed links to her Grandfather William who was born before 1680, and Grandmother Susannah nee FEAZER, The families contained in the ABBS tree on this site are all descended from Richard her father, one of the 4 sons of William and Susannah FEAZER I have found to date,

Richard was born in Aylmerton, and is buried (1791) in Runton. I have researched only 2 of the 5 children of Richard and Mary. Susannah BAYFIELD and John ABBS, John married Mary PANK in Runton and they had 12 children, all born in Runton. 2 died young, one died at the age of 33 unmarried, and 5 are confirmed as married with children. The remaining 4 are so far unresolved.

Of the 5 children of John and Mary nee PANK who produced fodder for these pages - 4 remained in Runton and one, Rebecca, went to Norwich. 3 of the 5 were male and produced 32 Runton born grandchildren for Richard named ABBS. I have identified 20 marriages from these 32 in the 40 years from 1810. By then some of the families had moved away from Runton. Mostly, though, not very far.

It is this generation where we find marriages between people who were blood related, in some cases twice. We even have one man John ABBS b 1805, who married first a 1st cousin, His second wife, after being widowed, was a lady who was unrelated to him. Then when she died (he was about 60 at the time) he had living with him Elizabeth ABBS who was a 1st cousin AND his niece. Elizabeth produced 2 children whilst with him, and my first thought were that these children were sired by someone else and that John and Elizabeth were living under the 1 roof as Uncle and Niece - BUT the church records have John as the father of both. I wonder if the Parish Chest records have more details of the ABBS as surely they must have formed a substantial proportion of the congregation at the time.

To return to the children of John (1743) and Mary nee PANK

 - Francis ABBS (1764) and Susan nee PEGG had at least 60 grand children, all named ABBS

 - Richard (1765) and Elizabeth nee WARD had at least 78 grand children. named ABBS and MOY

 - Thomas (1775) and Judith nee LOVE had at least 11 grand children, all named ABBS

 - Rebecca (1779) married Richard FITT in Norwich, and I have only found (so far) 1 child, Elizabeth FITT, who married George TAYLOR in Norwich. I have not taken this research any further

 - Ann (1787) married James LOVE in Runton and had 20 grand children named LOVE. Judith and James LOVE are brother and sister

This makes the count for John and Mary's great grand children 170. And don't forget these are just the ones I have found. There are many dangling branches not fully researched...

In 1851 Runton had a population of 485. 79 had the surname of ABBS and 16 were LOVEs. Popplyland have done some work on the 1851 Runton census which can be found here :


I have seen some older pages on the net that indicate there is, or was, a one name study on ABBS. I would be very pleased to assist the co-ordinator of any such study, on or off the net.

They appear to be a much traveled lot. More than one family went to Victoria County, Ontario, Canada, and there are ministers of religion there and in England. One family came to Victoria, Australia, at about the time of the gold rush, and yet another man, James Henry, was a race horse trainer working out of Randwick in Sydney. 

Please expect the data contained in this part of the website to change frequently. Also note that not all the people are related to us, or even to each other. Please tell me if there is anything that I have wrong. All contributions gratefully accepted.


A view of West Runton taken from Incleboro Hill, grid reference TG188423, looking northwest. From Wikimedia Commons - This image was taken from the Geograph project collection. The photographer's contact details are on The copyright on this image is owned by Angus (Angus J Robson) and is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license. Thanks Angus.