There are times when I feel the need to communicate. Just musings, but thoughts that I do not want to loose.

August 2011 - I have recently been watching Brian COX's and Stephen HAWKING's explanations of the Universe. Fascinating stuff, especially for someone like me. Relatively uneducated, at least in a formal sense, but ever curious.

The shows gave me much food for thought regarding S P A C E, but last night it suddenly hit me that there is a genealogical aspect to Life, the Universe and Everything.

One day, an animal whose thoughts were always of 'How', looked up into the heavens and thought 'Why'. Of course this would have happened many times in many places, not just the once, BUT we are all directly descended from people who made that leap of intellect.

Our ancestors discovered (or pinched the idea from others) fire, flint knapping, language, writing, husbandry.